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The Claw Aircraft Tie Down

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Part# 13-02448
MFR Model# H-988-000


Holds More Than Any Other Portable System on the Market.

Advanced Aircraft Anchoring System – The Claw® Aircraft Tiedown kit comes complete with three earth anchors, rope, spikes, hammer and canvas carry bag. The Harder You Pull, The More It Grips The Earth.


  • Easy installation... Easy removal. No more struggling with screw-in anchors
  • The "Claw®" is designed exclusively for aircraft
  • The "Claw®" system has a 3600 lb. combined capacity
  • The last tie down you will ever have to buy - Lifetime Warranty
  • Tremendous holding strength. The harder you pull, the more The "Claw®" grips
  • Ideal for all aircraft
  • Works in hard clay, sandy soil or anything in between
  • Large foot print spreads the load over a larger area for maximum holding power
  • Low profile will not puncture tires
  • Complete System weighs only 8 lbs (Including Hammer)
  • Light-weight aircraft aluminum with hardened corrosion resistant die cast zinc plated steel spikes
  • 25 ft 3/8" dia. solid braid polyester rope
  • Anchoring System hammer doubles as removal tool
  • The "Claw®" includes: Bag that is easy to carry and store that contains:
  • 3 Anchors; 9 spikes; 1 hammer; 25-ft rope
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Excellent product! Purchased at 2021 OSH to secure my RV7 and held my A/C in place during a significant storm. Highly recommended!

Cecil E Verified Purchase


August 10, 2021

Worked like a champ out on a dry lakebed. I any improvement would be in the form of ratcheting straps. Otherwise, it is great.

Richard M Verified Purchase


June 22, 2021

Strong and lightweight. Easy to use.

Shane A
April 10, 2021

Good kit. Works as advertised.

March 8, 2021

Works like a charm. Bought it as a back up tie down system and have had to use it twice the first week.

Thomas D
September 4, 2020

Fine product, easy to use. Have bought three, for three different locations. Would buy again and recommend to anyone that is considering buying this item.

Nancy H
January 23, 2020

This is the second set of tie downs I’ve bought for use in two locations. The Claw works wonderfully and I’ve been very happy with it.

Richard C
October 4, 2019

Not the highest quality hammer or rope, but good system that should work great when travelling between grass strips and back country environments.

Mason Verified Purchase


April 23, 2022

Looks well made. One addition would be a clip to allow you to easily remove the rope from the claw and attach it to an airport tie down system

June 5, 2020

It’s a bit expensive and a bit heavy but it works well in the rocky soils common in new England which can be a problem for screw anchors. I need only 2 so spares are less of a problem. The reported breakages of anchors are a concern, however.

Creighton S
January 27, 2019


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Q: Regarding the Claw tie down system: How long are the stakes or pins? What is the claw diameter fully open?

Each stake is approximately 10-1/2 inches long. Fully extended diameter is approximately 21 inches.

Q: How much does the Claw aircraft tie down kit weigh?

Total weight of the Claw kit is 8 lbs.

Q: Does the Claw Aircraft tie down system work on snow or on ice?

With any tie down system, it is only as good as the soil you put it in. The system works fine in frozen ground but not in pure ice. As for snow, performance will depend on the type of soil and the saturation level.

Q: The price for the whole kit (with 3claws , rops, hammer) or the price is for each claw only??

These are priced and sold a s kit, 3 claws, stakes, rope, hammer and bag as shown in photo.

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