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Aircraft Tie-Down - Red

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Part# 13-06328


Aircraft Tie-Down offer strong, durable, and easy to use tie down for any weather condition. Rated up to 3,000lbs. and tighten up with one quick pull. A sliding cap protects the buckle from freezing during cold weather and keeps grit out during windy field conditions.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Kit Contains

  • Three 9 foot long tie down straps
  • A Dupont Cordura matching carrying bag.


  • Color: Red


Good quality material. Great packaging. Sturdy and efficient. Very pleased w it.

Gael D Verified Purchase


November 9, 2023

tiedown length was 8 foot, not 9 foot as advertised.

Robert M Verified Purchase


October 26, 2021

Works great!

New Y Verified Purchase


October 14, 2021

Excellent product. Does the job! Double cross-hooks secure the plane.

Andrey T
May 12, 2021

Extremely high quality stitching and overall excellent set of tie downs. I love the double hooks to ensure they will never come off the aircraft

Chris F
November 10, 2019

I have used these tie downs for a number of years and really like them. They are easy to use and adjust. The double hooks provide a very secure mechanism if the straps become slack due to the plane rocking in violent wind storms. These are my favorite of all the tie downs I have used.

Mark P
July 5, 2015

These are nice straps and give an impression of high quality however, for what its worth, my plane was tied down with these straps and was hit by severe thunderstorm winds from the tail direction - all three straps broke. The stitching holding the end-hooks just ripped out leaving the hooks in the tie-down rings with nothing attached. So Im guessing the 3000lb rating applies to the webbing but not the stitching holding the hooks on. Fortunately there was no damage - the plane spun 180 degrees into the wind and did not hit anything in the process.

Rod M
May 25, 2022

I have a Cessna 172. I flew into KHFJ Monett, MO. These tie downs (13-06328) were not long enough to reach from my wing to the tie down hooks in the ground at the airport.

Michael C
July 2, 2022


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Q: AIRCRAFT TIE-DOWN RED (Part # 13-06328): Are these units priced and sold individually or in a set? If a set, how many are included?

These are priced and sold in a set of three tie down straps.

Q: How long are the straps in this Aircraft Tie-Down kit?

Each kit contains 3 long tie-down straps all 9' vinyl coated, dual-opposing hooks.

Q: Is there a downloadable install guide for the proper use of these aircraft tie downs?

These units do not come with instructions, but it is a simple design. You would attach one side to the hold down point of the aircraft, the other to the hold down point on the ground, and pull strap with the loop to tighten, and the locking part of the strap will hold the strap at that point. To release, there is a lever you would push at the locking point and it will release the tension of the strap.

Q: What do these tie-downs weigh?

They weigh approximately 3.9 lbs in the bag.

Q: Is 3000 pounds the breaking strength or the working load?

These are 1500 lb working load. 3000 lb is breaking.

Q: How wide is the strap? Is it a cam type buckle or a ratchet?

The strap is 1 inch wide. It is a cam type buckle.

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