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Part# 13-01540
MFR Model# M540-011


The deluxe Cessna towbar is very popular and designed for those who demand the ultimate in convenience and durability. Spring loaded forks allow easy one handed engagement without getting on your hands and knees. Length 46.5" extended, 26" collapsed. Wt. 3.75 lbs. Ideal for Cessna RGs Including 210 series. Attached to 5/8" lug nuts on nose strut.


  • Collapsible Length: 26"
  • Overall Length: 46.5"


Great towbar and reasonable price

Thomas B
January 20, 2021

Works great and easily stowed when not in use.

Errol O
October 26, 2020

Very nice tow bar. Good quality and much easier to use than my previous town that did not have the lever action. I fly a 152, so I’m always watching weight and it is a bit heavier.

J. D
September 15, 2020

Light but strong, practical. Will use it every flight. Highly recommended.

Abe S
July 10, 2020

Nice tow bar for the money.

Grady H
July 9, 2020

Quick efficient and no fuss service thank you

Greg M
June 14, 2020

Just what was needed. Light weight and functional. Breakdown allows for easy storage in bird. Cost is right. Looked into building one, but time and expense greatly outweighed cost of this product. Quick delivery: about a week. C150J.

May 3, 2020

Just bought this tow bar for my Alarus CH2000, it works fine. Great product, resonable price, quick delivery.

Faisal K
April 12, 2020

compact, fits in cargo area without difficulty. Works well. As always, Aircraft Spruce is great to work with. Just bought a plane in need of some updates. Lighting, etc. Everything ordered is on time, accurate, and priced at or below competition.

Paul B
December 15, 2019

Just what I was looking for.

Geoffrey S
December 2, 2019


Q: Will the cessna tow bar work on a cessna 206? Is it universal?

This is not a universal part. It will work depending on where on the aircraft it connects. This towbar connects to 5/8" lugs on the aircraft. So the customer will need to know where it will connect to the aircraft and if it has 5/8" lugs on the nose gear.

Q: How narrow will the two lugs will come together?

Per the supplier: They will come as close as 2-7/8" apart.

Q: Where is this Deluxe Cessna Towbar manufactured?

These towbars are made in the USA.

Q: Regarding the Deluxe Cessna Towbar: How far will the ends spread? (in inches between the two lug receivers.)

The max width between the lug receivers is approximately 8-1/2".

Q: Will this Deluxe Cessna towbar work for a Cessna 172?

Yes, these towbars will work great for a Cessna 172.

Q: Will this Deluxe Cessna Towbar fit a 1979 Cessna P210?

This should fit the 210 provided he has 5/8 lugs on the nose gear strut.

Q: Will this Deluxe Cessna Towbar fit a Cessna 150?

This will fit the Cessna 150 if he uses a 5/8 lug on the nose gear strut.

Q: Is this Cessna Deluxe towbar made out of steel or aluminium?

4130 chromoly steel.

Q: Will this Deluxe Cessna Towbar work on a 1975 Cessna 310R?

As long as the 310 has 5/8" lugs it will work.

Q: Will fit for Van s RV8 RV4 tail wheel?

This is designed for Cessna nose wheels, we have 13-02408 that is designed to be used with RV tailwheels.

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