Amp Cable (Audio + Mic + Power)

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Part# 11-03012
MFR Model# HA-009


AMP Cable (Audio + Mic + Power)
The standard anr upgrade kit comes with a 6' long add-on power cable which tie-wraps to your original audio cable, and it requires that you drill a 1/4" hole in the left earcup (next to where the main cable enters the cup).
The AMP cable replaces your original cable and has the DC power wires, audio wires and mic wires all in one cable. The result is more aesthetically pleasing and no additional hole is required in the left earcup.


Jai acheté le câble AMP en option pour ma mise à niveau ANR dans un headset David Clark H10-80. Le câble AMP simplifie grandement la conversion et donne un résultat final beaucoup plus propre. Le câble dalimentation est plus long que les câbles audio, ce qui facilite la localisation du boîtier de la batterie. Dans le C-172 que je vole, le casque se branche sur les prises à gauche du panneau et le boîtier se clipse bien dans la poche latérale.

Christian R
October 21, 2020

I purchased the optional AMP cable for my ANR upgrade in an H10-40. The AMP cable simplifies the conversion and results in much cleaner cord routing. The power cable is a foot or so longer than the audio leads, which gives you more options for locating the battery box. In my 7KCAB Citabria the head set plugs in to jacks on the left side of the panel, and the battery box clips nicely to the left side pocket. Its well worth the $33.

Larry V
August 18, 2020

I got a Gentex SPH-4B converted to civilian fixed wing usage. Installed an ANR kit which needs a 9volt input to work correctly. The kit came with the battery case and an addtional cable to be installed (mike,audio and batt)... I replaced the 3 cables by this one and it worked like a charm ! Well Worth the price ! Norm

April 6, 2017


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Q: Does this AMP cable have a stereo / mono switch to maintain stereo use on my David Clark h10-13S?

Yes, the AMP cable includes a switch for mono/stereo operation.

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