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Part# 11-12976
MFR Model# 01-0771833-10


FAA-PMA Approved
Parmetheus Plus PAR36 LED lights are a drop-in replacement for outdated Halogen PMA Approved. Lightweight, low-current and moisture resistant, they provide stable light output for thousands of operating hours. These LED lights are 40% brighter output than the original Parmetheus Series assemblies.

LED lighting is the ideal technology for aviation applications. Whelen LED lights are time and field-tested for reliability and long-life performance under the tough conditions required by Fire, Emergency, DOT and Law Enforcement professionals around the world.



  • Direct replacement for outdated PAR36 Halogen and HID lamps.
  • First commercially available PAR36 LED for Aviation applications.
  • 10,000 hour operating life.
  • Available in Landing and Taxi versions.
  • Convenient “Drop In” design for ease of installation:
  • Power wiring attaches to brass screw terminals; Weight is virtually identical to previous PAR36 lamps; Assembly design includes clocking notch
  • Polycarbonate, replaceable, hard-coated outer lens.
  • Metal, heat dissipating coated housing.
  • Whelen TIR™ (Total Internal Reflector) technology rivals strobe in intensity and effectiveness.
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Five year warranty.


  • Model: P36P1L
  • Type: Landing (Spot Light, 10 degree)
  • Amps: 1.2
  • Volts: 14 VDC
  • Size: 4.38" Round x 1.75" Face to Screw terminal
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Excellent product. Dropped right in the my C172N

Bruce A
March 19, 2020

This Whelen LED 14V landing light appears to be extremely well built. It has a solid and reassuring presentation with electric diodes on the connectors that are not present on the replacement bulb. I am told that this product will draw less current and display a broader beam than the bulb it replaces. Like all LED bulbs, it displays a blue-white hue rather than the yellow-orange beam it replaces. I can not speak for the length of service but anticipate a vastly longer (as advertised) service life.

March 8, 2020

For a light bulb STC, the amount of paperwork associated with this is astounding. But of course the light is good--hopefully it will last awhile at $258.00 a pop:)

Daniel R
April 4, 2019

Well made, easy to install, and Bright!!!!

October 1, 2018

Easy install, dropped right in. Definitely brighter than the old lights, I have a generator still so I can actually turn these on

September 21, 2018

I installed this lamp on my 1965 Cessna 172F. It installed perfectly and performed flawlessly. It appears much brighter than the original incandescent lamp and draws 6 amps less power!

Joe V
August 24, 2018

My 1966 172G still has a generator and does fine until needing the landing or taxi lights. The airplane is in excellent condition and at this time makes no sense to switch to an alternator. As other commenters have said, I like to use the lights during day for increased visibility. But with the excessive current draw I would use them sparingly even at night. These LED lights are magic and solved the current draw issue. And of course the increase in brightness is awesome. Wish I would have changed years ago.

Dave S
July 17, 2018

I purchased this for installation on my homebuilt Velocity (still under construction). The kit actually came with the ubiquitous GE 4509 incandescent landing light, but theres no way thatll get installed on this sleek, brand-new Velocity Im building!

John T
March 11, 2018

After 4 years of flying my Cherokee 140D and replacing the incandescent landing light twice I decided it was time to move to the Whelen LED landing light. I was very interested in seeing my amp load decrease to lessen the overall load on the system and breaker on that circuit. Installation was as simple as replacing the incandescent lamp, and the power draw is miniscule compared to the old GE lamp. I am very happy with the purchase and the performance I have seen so far. I fly in and out of a semi busy non-towered training area airport so I prefer to fly with my light on during takeoff, area flying, and all pattern work. This was the answer to my problem with high amp draw and regular use of the lamp.

Kyle W
February 22, 2018

Easy installation and it provides substantially more illumination compared to the stock incandescent lightbulb. Highly recommended.

John T
January 18, 2018


Q: Can you confirm that this is Whelen P/N P36P1L?

Part number 11-08294 is Whelen Part number PLED1L. Part number 11-12976 is Whelen Part number P36P1L.

Q: So, if the Parmetheus Plus is 40% brighter, then that means its 4,200 lumen?

Per Whelen: This is actually measured in candlepower. The Parmetheus Plus would have 60,000 candlepower.

Q: What is the warranty on the Whelen Parmetheus Plus landing light?

This has a 5 year warranty that will cover all manufacture electronic defects.

Q: What is the difference between the Whelen Parmetheus Plus taxi and landing version of this light?

The landing light will have a 10 degree spot light and the taxi light will have a 40 degree spreader optic.

Q: Is the Whelen Parmetheus Plus LED bulb capable of pulse mode?

This unit alone does NOT have a pulse mode option. An aftermarket pulse system would need to be installed on the aircraft to put the light into pulse mode.

Q: Does this Whelen Parmetheus Plus LED landing light have an STC, and is the stc included? Or how I can get the stc?

Whelen does have an STC, but it is not included in the box. The STC can be viewed on the Whelen web site, www.whelen.com .

Q: I see the Whelen Parmetheus LED is a direct replacement for my GE4509 landing light in my C170A. Can it be installed by the pilot/owner with only a log book entry or due to the fact there is an STC involved this would require an AMO to sign off?

This is just a replacement lamp, that the aircraft owner should be able to replace with a log book entry, but we always recommend you consult with your A&P to verify there are no other requirements.

Q: Would the Whelen Parmetheus Plus P36P1L bulb replace the GE4509? I have 1975 172m model.

Yes, the GE4509 is a 14v Par 36 bulb. This is also a 14v Par 36 bulb and will be a direct replacement.

Q: How bright is this Whelen Parmetheus Plus LED landing light?

PER THE MFG. - Replaces GE 250 watt lamps. 1500+ lumens

Q: Which terminal is positive and negative on the Whelen Parmetheus Plus LED landing light?

As viewed from the rear of the light, the terminal on the left is ground and the right terminal is positive. The polarity is also shown on the part number label affixed to the light.

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