ANR Headset Retrofit Kit

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Part# 11-11955
MFR Model# M-001-A


The M-001-A ANR Adapter is a product that will transform a current aviation headset into a high-tech active noise reduction unit. The ANR Adapter comes as a kit and includes a pair of inserts that fit more than 20 different headset models. Installation requires fitting the inserts, drilling a small hole in one earcup for the power receptacle, and soldering the original cable leads to the kit replacement parts. (uses one 9-volt battery).

It is mandatory that you use "silicone gel" type earseals. The original earseals (dry or liquid filled) are not as airtight as gel seals, and in addition do not dampen sound and vibration as effectively.

The result is that the ANR units will greatly underperform (20-50%) and will be more likely to malfunction. Several brands of gel earseals are compatible with the ANR modules. These include David Clark gel ear seals, AvComm gel ear seals, FlightCom gel-flo ear seals, and Sigtronics gel earseals.
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Compatible Headsets

  • Model M-001 is the "standard" module & fits most headsets.
  • ADI: Fits models 810.50.
  • Aircom: See Flightline.
  • Aircraft Spruce: See Skyline.
  • ASA: Fits all models (HS-1).
  • Avcomm: Fits all. Models AC-900, AC-800, & AC-454 need 5c x-over cable.
  • Aviall/Avix: Fits all models.
  • David Clark: Fits all the H10-XX series.
  • Eastern Avionics: Fits models Mil-2060.
  • Falcon: Fits all models.
  • Flightcom: Fits models 4DX & 4DLX. This does not fit the Eclipse!
  • Flightline: Fits model HS-60-B.
  • Gulf/Pacific Coast Avionics: Fits models GCA-4T & GCA-6T.
  • Marv Golden: Will fit all except the MG-90.
  • Mendelssohn: See Pilot Avionics
  • Pilot Avionics: Fits the PA11-XX series headsets and the P-51, PA12.8S, & PA Cadet. Models PA11-90
  • RST: Fits all models.
  • Sigtronics: Fits models S-8, S-20, S-40, S-45, S-58, S-65, & S-68. Most are wired in series.
  • Skyline: Fits the Skycom H-40A & the Skypro H-80A.
  • Softcomm: Fits all models. Models C-10 & C-60 need a 5c x-over cable.


In The Box

  • Standard modules containing Audio Speaker, ANR speaker, Sensing microphone and control board.
  • Assembly parts containing wire, solder, tie wraps, shrink tubing and Aramid pads.
  • Gray foam cross for passive noise attenuation
  • Power cable 72" long to connect battery box to ANR system
  • Crossover cable to replace existing cable on headset
  • Standard Battery box to power ANR system. Uses (1) 9 volt transistor battery
  • Installation manual
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Works great in my RV4. First flight yesterday with the ANR mod installed in my DC10-13.4. Get the connector cable and save drilling a hole in your headset. Installation steps in instructions are sometimes out of order.

Jeff P Verified Purchase


January 7, 2022

I have had the Headsets Incorporated (HI) ANR kit installed in my David Clark (DC) H10-13.4 for two years now. I installed the kit myself. I will comment on the individual phases of ownership below. Purchase: Made a phone call to be sure of any options available. This was pleasant, quick and easy. Installation: I am an experienced electronic engineer with thousands of build projects and repairs to my experience. I am also an audio engineer so I have a clue. The HI written instructions were just ok, but the color wiring diagram made it easy to complete the installation. I ended up reusing the DC foam from over their speakers in addition to everything HI furnished. It filled the small remaining void between the speaker and my ear. I also made some small deviations in construction that in no way effect the final product, like using shrink wrap in the connections. Its just me, Im fussy. Even though the HI speakers are held in assembly with the DC earcups with the finest double-sided tape I know, I wish another type of fastening was used but they have held up to frequent use for two years. Early use: At first I was getting squeals and other oscillations and was not happy with my purchase. It always seemed to happen about an hour into my wearing them. This happened multiple times in flight and I had to turn off the ANC power to stop the very loud squeal. Phone call to HI customer service: Got right thru to the main engineer at HI. Knowledgeable and helpful, we discussed possible solutions. In the end he offered to take them in to adjust them at no charge. Very positive experience. But I never sent them in. Read on please. Recent experience: The squeal and other sounds were caused by my unfamiliarity with how to wear the modified headset. Simply making sure the soft earcup was centered over my ears with my entire ear comfortably tucked into the open area (and not squished against my head by the gel pad) solved any and all issues. I have worn them for up to five hours in a day. Most people put these DC type of headsets on and squish their earlobe between the cup and their neck and call it good. Even PNR headsets will eventually cause your ear lobes to ache due to reduced blood flow. Just tuck your entire ear in the open area and these HI ANRs work wonderfully. Final thoughts: Simply knowing how to wear the headsets solved all issues. I have used these HI ANRs for hundreds of hours. I tow gliders, and in 24 months have about eight hundred tows in my log book (all with the HI kit) so you know I have put in some hours while benefiting from HI ANR. Installation was easy for me. Customer service was willing to help. The kits are reliable. I just had to learn how to place the headset on my noggin. John

John S
November 23, 2021

Great support during installation from manufacturer

Joe D Verified Purchase


June 23, 2021

Works very well

Warren R
July 30, 2020

I installed this kit in my SPH-5 helo hemet. It was a bit tedious, but that was to be expected. This made a huge difference in the amount of noise in my PA-12 160. I used to have to use earplugs on anything other than local flights. As far as the installation goes, you need to be deft with your soldering or it isnt going to go well. It isnt electronics, but you need to be careful and follow the instructions, which I found well-written. I had one problem (my fault) because of reading the instructions wrong, so I called the manufacturer. The owner answered the phone. There you go.

October 17, 2019

Thanks to SCOTT J VALENTI I have ordered the AMP cable. I would have been pissed without it. Note to Spruce: you guys rock but you need to keep up with stuff like that. Quite a few times I ordered stuff that requires other items and its either not mentioned at all or its mentioned like: see below for XXX part and there is nothing below...

Gilles A
April 2, 2016

Purchased a kit last week for a 25 year old David Clark H10-30 headset. For the first time, I spent about an hour and a half on this installation. The results were remarkable. I am very pleased that I purchased this retrofit kit, the David Clark gel ear seals, new wide headband and a M7/DC retrofit microphone kit. Total cost of new parts is about half the cost of a new David Clark ANR headset.

Alan S
March 5, 2013

In the end, this kit met all my expectations. However, the instructions were confusing and in some areas contradictory. As an example in the last pages you are instructed to insert foam insulation under the wiring before making the connections. Another instruction required a butt splice of four wires that later had to be cut and soldered differently. Most of the confusion comes from the inclusion of the AMP cable in the kit. A good thing. Best to simply follow the color wiring diagram on the supplemental sheet for mono or stereo installation..

Wesley K Verified Purchase


July 7, 2021

Jai installé ce kit dans mes vieux écouteurs David Clark H10-80. Les instructions sont adéquates mais doivent être soigneusement examinées, relues, comprises et suivies. Cétait un peu fastidieux, mais il fallait sy attendre. Les schémas de câblage colorés ont été très utiles. Je n’avais jamais fait de soudure électronique avant mais avec un peu de pratique et de patience on y arrive très bien. J’ai acheté le câble AMP ce qui donne une conversion finale de très belle finition et facilite aussi le travail. Les performances sont bonnes. Le bruit des basses fréquences est considérablement réduit, cependant, il y a un compromis à faire en ce qui concerne la réduction de bruit en mode passif. Ce nest pas surprenant, car le H10-80 utilise beaucoup de mousse dans les oreillettes, tandis que la conversion utilise une seule pièce denviron 3/16 dépaisseur qui est insérée sous les fils. Les instructions indiquent que les modules ANR ont besoin despace dans la coquille pour fonctionner correctement, donc d’ajouter plus de mousse nest pas vraiment une option. La réduction passive du bruit est toujours correcte, mais nest pas aussi efficace quun David Clark non modifié. Par conséquent, je recommande fortement demporter une batterie de rechange. Dans lensemble, la mise à niveau est un très bon rapport qualité-prix si vous possédez un casque passif.

Christian R
October 21, 2020

I purchased this in order to upgrade a David Clark H10-40 headset to ANR. I fly a 7KCAb Citabria, usually with the window open and it is pretty noisy. I recommend getting the optional AMP cable as it simplifies the installation and is much cleaner over all. The directions are about 90% complete, but the customer service was superb with a real person answering the phone and connecting me to a technician who was very helpful. For the H10-40 installation, what was missing in the instructions and wiring diagrams are: - what to do with the clear coated large diameter RF drain from the mic boom (connect it to the black ground wires from the power cord, crossover cord and the black wire to the left ANR unit) and - how to connect the white and yellow microphone wires (white to white and color to color - yellow to red in this case). The technician was also helpful with the conversion to the M7 microphone. The M4 uses a brown colored cap connected to the positive and negative mic wires to boost the signal. The M7 mic doesnt need it so you just remove it. Otherwise if you retain the M4, connect the wires as described above, but with the cap connected. Once assembled, I took it up and found that the ANR is very effective with a truly impressive reduction in low frequency noise. However, theres no free lunch. I compared my converted H-10-40 to a standard H10-40 and noted that the converted unit gives up some passive attenuation. Its not surprising, as the H10-40 uses a lot of foam in the ear cups, while the conversion uses a single piece about 3/16 thick that is worked around under the wires. The instructions indicate the ANR sets need space in the cup to work properly, so more foam isnt really and option. The passive noise reduction is still ok, but isnt as effective as an unmodified David Clark. Consequently, I recommend carrying a spare battery. Still, Im impressed enough that I plan to convert my other three H-10-40s.

Larry V
August 18, 2020


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Are these from ANR Retrofit Kits from Headsets Inc.?

Yes, these kits are made by Headsets Inc.

Q: Does this kit (part #11-11955) include the Auto Shut Off battery box? If not, do you offer the upgraded Auto Shut Off battery box?

No, the kit comes with the standard battery box. The auto shutoff box must be special ordered under part PM-004-2. Contact sales for a price quote and lead time.

Q: Ive got a DC Model H10-36 with a Dynamic Amplified MIC. Most headsets have an Electret MIC will this kit work with an amplified MIC?

Yes, this will work with your headset.

Q: Does it have an auxiliary input for music or a Bluetooth adapter?

No,this is a retrofit kit and comes with a battery pack , cabling and all necessary installation materials.

Q: Is this kit stereo or mono?

That depends on the headset. It can be used with both stereo and mono headsets.

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