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MH E-Z Breathe II Boom Cannula Eds For Pulse Demand

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Part# 13-13067
MFR Model# 00EDS-1092-00


Note: This is the cannula only. Requires flowmeter and adapter (sold separately) for connection to oxygen system.

Mountain High has redesigned their Boom Cannula system to make it even better. The redesigned nylon boom arm affixes to your headset with a ball mount and adhesive pad. It can swivel about and slides in and out for best fit. The new improved arm incorporates an adjustable friction lock to eliminate slippage. The nasal tips and the entire feed-tube assembly are easily replaceable, as well as the aluminum mount ball. The arm can be easily removed from the headset when not in use. EDS stands for Electronic Delivery System.

Note: If returned, all cannulas and oxygen masks must be factory sealed.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


From order to shipping everything was A+

Eric B Verified Purchase


July 12, 2021

After getting it adjusted the best option for cannula delivered oxygen. Highly recommend.

Tom W
July 20, 2020

I have used this product twice since its purchase it works great and much more comfortable than the cannulas.

August 16, 2019

The nasal tips are not parallel, despite picture. The tube appears to be deformed so the outer nasal tip is 15 degrees away from the inner tip. Result: almost impossible to get direct flow into both nostrils. MHOxygen explained the supplier was only providing them that way so they could not rectify the situation. Pulse oximeter records 2-3 percentage points lower blood O2 than I get with the conventional over-the-ears/moustache cannula.

Michael B
May 25, 2024


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Q: How high has the boom oxygenator been tested to?

This has been tested up to FL180 as per FAA regulations.

Q: What is the weight of the MH EZ Breathe2 part# 13-13067?

0.13 lb approx.

Q: What exactly is included? For example, does the boom come as a complete kit including the ball mount?

Yes, the boom is a complete kit with the ball mount included.

Q: Does the MH E-Z Brethe Boom Cannula only work with the Pulse Demand system? or can I hook up to any oxygen bottle?

The EDS version is for use with the Pulse Demand products, the XCP version works with the Constant Flow systems via the MH4 flowmeters, A4 flowmeters and A5 flow meters depending upon who's flowmeter you have on the 10-25K flow rates.

Q: Where can you get the socket that attaches to the headset? Mine is broke .

MH no longer has parts for these, they recommend replacing it with the new style EZ breathe II model.

Q: Does this MH E-Z Breather II Boom work with Bose headsets?

Yes,it does. The manufacturer actually has photos of it on their website installed on a Bose A20.

Q: Will this work with the aerox flometer and aerox oxygen system?

Yes they use the same industry standard connections.

Q: Can the booms reach be lengthened or shortened to accommodate different sized heads/faces?

Yes it can.

Q: Does the cannula have an adjustment toward the face? others I have tried dont get close enough to utilize in the nose Thank you

YES, the adjustment is sliding the tubing of the cannula through the boom arm. The tubing has a copper wire inside of it you can bend to shape allowing the the nose piece to square up to your nose.

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