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Redbird Alloy Rudder Pedals Rd1

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Part# 13-15866
MFR Model# O-1118


Rudder pedals are the single most important item for adding realism to your Jay, and the Alloy RD1 Rudder Pedals do that without compromise. The spring system means you can apply real rudder pressure, rather than only rudder travel, just as you would when flying real aircraft. For precise ground handling, the pedals have the full rudder travel and the aircraft-style, differential toe brakes of a real aircraft. The all-metal RD1 Pedals use the same technology found in Redbird’s professional-grade simulators, so they are not only realistic, they’re virtually indestructible.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Rugged, all-metal design means enhanced durability and reliability
  • Self-centering rudder axis provides a realistic feel
  • Differential toe brakes allow for precise ground handling
  • USB connectivity ensures compatibility The AOPA Jay by Redbird and the Redbird TD, as well as other flight simulation software and devices



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Q: Do the Redbird Alloy Rudder Pedals RD1 work with FSX?

Yes, these are compatible with FSX.

Q: Do the Redbird Alloy Rudder Pedal RD1 will be compatible with the upcoming Microsoft Flight Sim 2020?

Yes, these will be compatible with the new software.

Q: Are these redbird rudder pedals compatible with x plane and FS2?

Yes, this is compatible with both of these sim softwares.

Q: How strong is the pressure on these pedals? Do they have a lot of tension like a real 172? Is the tension adjustable?

Yes, these have similar tension to actual aircraft. No, the tension is not adjustable.

Q: Are these compatible with Mac OS?

Yes, they are.

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