Pocket Smoke Mask

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Part# 13-17891


Pocket Smoke Hood achieved the Good Design Award and ranks as one of the world’s top three Industrial Design Awards in Asia. Tested by the Industrial Research Institute in the Personal Protective Equipment category. How it Works NASA graded high temperature resistance Polyamide Film resists heat up to 932 degrees The seven layer filter stops and blocks toxic gases made from non-woven and activated carbon fibers Filters more than 20 minutes of toxic smoke from fire
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • One size fits all: Adults, Children and Infants
  • Designed to protect user from smoke in the event of a fire
  • Simple to use, easy to store
    • Fits in brief case, purse, carry on luggage
    • Hood allows full 360 degree sight, talk and hearing capability,
    • Heat Resistant – resists heat up to 932 degrees F
    • Provides 20 minutes of filtered breathable air
    • Five year shelf life


Pretty hard to evaluate something that you hope to never use. Cannt open it to check it out. So I can only say it appears as advertised. It arrived quickly and adequately packed. Happy & safe 2023

Anthony W Verified Purchase


January 3, 2023

This pocket mask came highly recommended by my trainers in the aviation safety industry so I knew I had to have one in my bag all the time. Hope I never have to use it but in case I do I know this will a great product. Better safe then sorry. Even bought one for my husband since he travels a lot too.

December 21, 2019

I don’t know if it will work as advertised but the packaging and instructions are competent.

April 6, 2019

From the other Youtube reviews on-line, this is a great smoke escape hood. I carry it whenever I fly, either personally or commercial. Great gift for yourself and loved ones. The smoke in the cabin is the hazard. Buy several. Great and inexpensive life insurance for yourself, friends and family.

Prof. V
October 22, 2017

Hard to assess its effectiveness without actually wearing it. Relatively inexpensive vs other masks on market, so buying 2 and using one as “training” hood to rate its breathability and vision before having to don one in anger.

William M Verified Purchase


August 5, 2022


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Q: How does it seal around the neck?

The Smoke Hood has an elastic rubber seal that holds securely around the neck.

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