A-10A Thunderbolt Warthog Model 1/48

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Part# 13-10624
MFR Model# CA10LVT


This high quality replica is handcrafted from mahogany and comes with a wooden base. Length is 13-1/4" and wingspan is 15". Scale is 1/48.

The A-10 Thunderbolt was manufactured by Fairchild-Republic for the United States Air Force. The A-10 is the first single-seat, twin engine jet aircraft especially designed for close air support of ground forces. A-10s are effective for ground combats, such as attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets. It also provides a limited air interdiction role. The A-10 is more commonly known by its nickname ""Warthog"" or simply ""Hog"".

The A-10 Thunderbolt took its first flight on May 10, 1972. The first A-10s produced flew in October 1975, and was delivered to the 355th Tactical Training Wing at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, in March 1976. The Warthog was later introduced and became operational in October 1977. A total of 715 A-10 Thunderbolts were produced.

During the Persian Gulf War in 1991, Warthogs were widely used and have shown their power as the greatest tank-killing aircraft in history. A total of 144 A-10s were deployed during the war and flew 8,624 missions with just five aircrafts lost. Pilots of the A-10s frequently flew up to three missions per day. Most aircrafts survived direct attacks from heat-seeking missiles and managed to return safely.



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Q: what is the scale of the A-10A THUNDERBOLT WARTHOG MODEL?

1/48 scale.