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Part# 05-00652
MFR Model# 9112


Designed and built by real-world pilots, manufactured to the highest standards. These products are built for those incomparable Beechcraft. Years of experience and the highest quality materials and construction result in the best products available for Bonanzas and Barons. All have FAA STC/PMA as applicable.

These high-strength knobs for Bonanzas are a big improvement over old, cracked original equipment and likely the best replacement knobs on the market. Bright color-coded space-age material will not crack or fade and will not get hot like aluminum knobs.

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These power control knobs are fabulous replacements for the original equipment. They are very well made and precisely fit the control cables. They are easily installed with simple tools. They make the fine power adjustments a breeze because the colors reduce confusion and the precision fit adds confidence.

Timothy J
August 16, 2018

Purchased the set for installation on my C35 Bonanza which was suffering from age and cracking on the original knobs. I have the Electric Prop so I knew that I could only use two of the three parts to the set. I am pleased with the fact that the Throttle now has a new comfortable knot and that the Vernier function is working well. To accomplish this took the assistance of my IA and 2 Hours of back and forth. Not quite as simple as expected. But a Universal fit for a 66 year old Aircraft is likely to require some adjustments so expect that and it should work out. The Mixture knob isnt cmpatable with my Aircraft at all. A high price to pay to just repair just the throttle knob but it s done now and works well,

James T
November 12, 2017


Q: Are these Beech knobs FAA-PMA parts?

Yes, these are FAA-PMA approved. Paperwork is included with the set.

Q: Do these fit a 1981 A36 Bonanza?

Yes, these should work on your aircraft.

Q: The price advertised is for each knob or for the set of three? Thank you.

This is the price for a set of throttle, mixture and prop control knobs. You get all three.

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