Right Seat Roller Housing For Cessna - MC1200603-42

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Part# 05-15014
MFR Model# MC1200603-42


Right Seat Roller Housing for Cessna.
  • Anodized for improved wear and corrosion resistance
  • Precision machined with perfected dimension for smooth installation and operation
  • FAA-PMA direct replacement
  • Replace out-of-spec housings as required by FAA AD 2011-10-09
See the Flow Chart for Key dimensions & pictures to help with your selection process. Flow Chart
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Aircraft Eligibility:

Beginning S/N Ending S/N
206 206-0001 206-0275
207 20700001 20700362
207A 20700363 20700788
210-5 (205) 205-0001 205-0480
210-5A (205A) 205-0481 205-0577
P206 P206-0002 P206-0160
P206A P206-0161 P206-0306
P206B P206-0307 P206-0419
P206C P206-0420 P206-0519
P206D P206-0520 P206-0603
P206E P20600604 P20600647
T207 20700001 20700362
T207A 20700363 20700788
TP206A P206-0191 P206-0306
TP206B P206-0307 P206-0419
TP206C P206-0420 P206-0519
TP206D P206-0520 P206-0603
TP206E P20600604 P20600647
TU206A U206-0487 U206-0656
TU206B U206-0657 U206-0914
TU206C U206-0915 U206-1234
TU206D U206-1235 U206-1444
TU206E U20601445 U20601700
TU206F U20601701 U20602199
TU206F U20602200 U20603521
TU206F U20602200 U20603521
TU206G U20603522 U20607020
TU206G U20603522 U20605309
U206 U206-0276 U206-0437
U206A U206-0438 U206-0656
U206B U206-0657 U206-0914
U206C U206-0915 U206-1234
U206D U206-1235 U206-1444
U206E U20601445 U20601700
U206F U20602200 U20603521
U206F U20602200 U20603521
U206F U20601701 U20602199
U206G U20603522 U20607020
U206G U20603522 U20605309
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