Fuel Selector Valve Assembly For Cessna 182 - MC0716613-1

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Part# 05-27273
MFR Model# MC0716613-1


McFarlane MC0716613-1 Fuel Selector Valve Assembly, equivalent to OEM 0716613-1 and 0716613-1S


  • Improved corrosion resistance: McFarlane’s new valves are totally anodized where the original valves were Alodine conversion coated. This change drastically improves the surface durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of all the components, and they will stay pretty too! Corrosion protection is important since the valves are at the lowest point in the fuel system without any upstream water separation or contaminate screening. We have also eliminated the brass bushing that corrodes the cam.
  • Improved O-ring retention: Modern machining processes lets us precision machine the O-ring capture cavity. The original valve O-rings were retained by staking (stamp forming) the housing. This process was inconsistent at best and distressed and weakened the surrounding aluminum structure.
  • More balanced fuel flow: Yesterday’s manual machining process of the original valves were often inconsistent enough to let one port flow more fuel than needed while the other port might flow a very marginal amount of fuel. The new McFarlane valve is computer machined for a perfect balance of fuel flow.
  • Fully Tested: It will be pressure, functional, and flow tested to perform to the highest standards.


Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N Quantity Per Aircraft Location
Cessna 182 182E 18253599 18254423 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182F 18254424 18255058 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182G 18255059 18255844 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182H 18255846 18256684 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182J 18256685 18257625 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182K 18257626 18258505 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182L 18258506 18259305 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182M 18259306 18260055 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182N 18260056 18260825 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182P 18260826 18262465 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 182P 18262466 18265175 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE
Cessna 182 F182P F18200001 F18200025 1 FUEL SELECTOR VALVE



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