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Part# 05-13058
MFR Model# WR-693-B


This package contains one wing root seal (12 FT). This is enough seal to replace the seal on one wing of your Piper aircraft, it is made of a Black neoprene rubber material. The material is soft and flexible and can be worked into the gap between the wing and fuselage without out having to remove the aircraft’s wing.

Sold in 12' package


you dont need to sell and wing root seal but this part number, we bought another kind and fought putting it on, got this part number and with a little lube got it on,

Mike P
March 26, 2021

Prompt shipping and good communication- seal was well packaged, very pliable and easy to install on my 68 Cherokee. There was enough length to have a little extra to trim off when completely installed. Getting the old seal off was much harder than installing the new one!

Brad W
January 20, 2021

I am pleased with this piper wing root seal on my Cherokee six. Probably took me an hour to hour and a half to install both sides with a plastic scraper and a spray bottle of soapy water. They look great and feel softer than other brands

July 1, 2020

Apparent high quality The seal installed easily and looks good. I’m impressed with it’s ruggedness

Mark M
May 4, 2020

This is a really nice product. Soft, flexible and easy to install. Best of all, when it’s done it looks like you knew what you were doing.

Thad B
February 21, 2020

The seal is made of a supple rubber that is easy to bend of fold as necessary to fit in the gap between the wing and the fuselage. The width of the seal is perhaps a bit narrower than the original seal, so it may allow a slight gap between the seal and the wing walk. Soapy water and a plastic trim tool ( ) help greatly in sliding the seal into the gap. The plastic trim tool can be used to apply pressure on the round back side of the seal without damaging the paint. A pair of bent nosed pliers helped to pull the seal into position if too much pressure was used and the seal had slipped further into the gap than necessary.

Bruce M
September 5, 2019

Easy to install just use some soap

Brad W
August 11, 2019

I was able to do this in about 2 hours total time that is removing the old one, PIA and cleaning everything up I used a small 1 inch wide piece of dull metal to shove it in the crack without any lube at all, also it was cold as heck out, so the fuselage was probable at at a core temp of 20 degrees F

Jeremy J
February 22, 2019

Exactly what we needed! Thanks!

Ben S
May 21, 2018

Very easy to install, with none of the problems people commonly describe when using other brands of wing root seal. Just push it into the gap using a screwdriver or similar tool, while in a warm hangar. No need to try to slide it in lengthwise. Some people recommend using soap or another lubricant, but we didnt even need that.

Jeff L
March 12, 2018


Q: Does this item require to be PMAd? Is the installation covered under owner maintenance?

Per the vendor they do not have PMA paperwork. It would need to be signed off by an A&P.

Q: How wide a gap will this seal as I would like to use it on my Hatz Biplane upper wings?

It is 1" wide.

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