Large Primer Bulb - Marine Type - 1/4

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Part# 05-03690
MFR Model# 034790-10LP


Install between fuel tank and engine. A few squeezes prime your engine for easy starting. For use with 1/4" ID hose. Large (7in x 2in)


Thanks for the friendly and excellent service. The order came in short time. The primer bulb excellent replacement for the old one removed becasse of age.

Benjamin M Verified Purchase


October 12, 2021

Quick shipping, seems to be high quality item. Have not installed yet to test function.

Calvin F
November 9, 2017

The price is low which directly reflects the design and construction quality of this bulb primer. I have not disassembled it to verify but I believe the check valves are simply a plastic or rubber flapper, and are not a high quality ball-in-a-cage design. I have four problems with the unit that I received. Problem #1: The check valve at the inlet side does not block back flow. So, the fuel goes out both ends when the bulb is squeezed. Problem #2: After I purged my fuel line of air, I warmed up my engine and then went to full throttle. I observed a continuous stream of bubbles in the fuel line coming out of the primer but there were no air bubbles on the inlet side. I suspected poor clamping at the ends of the bulb was allowing air to be sucked in. So, I added two loops of safety wire clamps around each end of the bulb, and that stopped the air leak. Problem #3: This primer has significant resistance to forward flow of fuel. So, I recommend doing as I did, which was to plumb in a fuel bypass line with a check valve around the bulb primer. Problem #4: The fittings on the ends are much larger diameter than the 1/4 ID fuel line tube. Even after heating the tubes, it was very difficult to get the tubes onto the fittings.

Marvin S
October 22, 2017

It is no better than the Wal Mart brand. If there is a check valve in it, the valve does not work. The fuel line would not pump up and get tight.

August 23, 2022

Lasted about 8 months and the rubber bulb dissolved.

Jeff D
April 4, 2017

Bought this last year. Not more than 8 months old. Plane stored inside, bulb separated at both ends rubber rotted out. Would not recommend.

Jeff D
April 2, 2017


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Q: What does ID stand for?

ID stands for inside diameter.

Q: Does the 7 x 2 bulb have check valves?

Yes, it has internal check valves.

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