Small Primer Bulb

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Part# 05-15414
MFR Model# 07-237


Install between fuel tank and engine. A few squeezes prime your engine for easy starting. For use with 1/4" ID hose.


I have been rather disappointed with this pump. I had one for about a year but it started to leak. (The rubber had developed some cracks.) So I ordered a replacement. Unfortunately, the replacement must have been from a different manufacturer or from a defective batch as its internal check valve stopped working after three weeks. I ordered a replacement to the replacement, and the same thing happened after just a few weeks. In addition, this one started leaking air into the fuel line. It seems that the internal check valves become loose and detach from their seats. You can hear them bouncing inside the pumps body when you shake the pump. Aircraft Spruce staff was very nice and replaced the second one for free. Well see how long that one lasts.

Patrice B
August 25, 2019

The bulb disintegrated after one winter in storage in an aircraft using only 100LL mixed with 2-cycle oil.

Donald R
July 24, 2021


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Q: Is this a marine or aircraft item?

This can be used in either application. It does not hold FAA approval and should be used in experimental aircraft applications only.