Shadin Ams 2000 Altitude Management And Alert System

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Part# 10-03711
MFR Model# AMS-2000


With a range of feature previously unavailable in general aviation, the Shadin Avionics AMS-2000 Altitude Management and Alert System brings advanced instrumentation to new levels of function and affordability. The Shadin Avionics AMS-2000 uses information from Mode-C altitude encoder to deliver:

  • Time-based Altitude Alerting, rather than fixed altitude buffers.
  • Automatic calculation and display of Density Altitude.
  • Real-time display of IVS without the inherent lag of your aircraft's static system.
  • Calculation and display of Aircraft and Engine Performance
  • Percentage, at your demand.

These are but a few of the Standard features that are make the AMS-2000 the best value in advanced altitude monitoring instrumentation:

  • FAA approved. TSO C88a, DO-160B.
  • An appropriate audio and visual warning broadcast upon deviation outside a user-selected envelope surrounding your assigned altitude.
  • Smooth capture of your cruise altitude is facilitated by a level-off warning sounded and displayed at a user-defined distance from target altitude.
  • Alerts you just above your pre-selected Decision Height or MDA.
  • Gear-down reminder.
  • Displays density altitude and aircraft/engine performance percentage.
  • Digital display of altitude from -1000 to +62,000 feet in 100 foot increments.
  • Adjustable audio alert tone and level.
  • Compatible with most Mode-C transponders in current production.
  • Standard rectangular 1/2 ATI configuration.
  • Made in the U.S.A., the AMS-2000 features a 12-month warranty.

The AMS-2000 coupled with the Falcon Altitude Encoder provides all advanced altitude alert functions previously noted, plus the following high-resolution altitude management functions:

  • Time-based level-off warning sounded and displayed 15 seconds from target altitude--smooth capture is assured regardless of climb or descent rate.
  • Digital display of altitude from -1000 to +62,000 feet in high resolution, 10-foot increments.
  • Digital reading of Instantaneous Vertical Speed (IVS).
  • Deviation envelope is adjustable in 10 foot increments
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