Avcomm Ac-2Ex Intercom

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Part# 11-02264
MFR Model# AC2EX


Expandable, stereo and portable - AVCOMM's new AC-2EX may possibly be the only intercom you will ever need! Measuring a mere 5.1" by 2.85", the AC-2EX is designed to produce powerful communications you can depend on. The compact design makes it easy to carry in your flight bag, a feature pilots who rent aircraft will especially appreciate.

  • AVCOMM's Expandable Portable: two to four place
  • Rugged compact design
  • Two 9V batteries or 12-28V DC power
  • Stuck mic' indicator - Power-transmit LED
  • For use with mono or stereo headsets
  • Pilot priority PTT
  • Weighs only 14.1 ounces
  • Full three-year factory warranty

Need four positions? Simply add the AC-2XM module (Located in Accessories).
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


David D Verified Purchase


August 10, 2023

The cigarette lighter plug isnt a charger cable, its a power cable. The included PTT is for radio, the intercom is VOX. No extra PTT is needed if you will press the one on the box every time.

Mick M
May 17, 2023


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Q: Can I plug music in to this one also does it work with Icom handhelds?

Yes you can. You can also use it with an Icom handheld if you use an Icom headset adapter.

Q: For the Avcomm AC-2EX Intercom, do I need to buy a push to talk switch for aircraft radio transmission?

For radio transmissions, a push to talk switch such as part number 11-12100 is needed.

Q: Is the Avcomm AC2EX intercom voice activated or is a push to talk switch needed?

For radio transmissions, a push to talk switch such as part number 11-12100 is needed.

Q: Does The Avcomm AC-2EX Intercom come with a cigarette power adapter?

The Avcomm AC-2EX intercom comes with a DC cigarette power adapter in the box.

Q: Is the Avcomm AC- 2EX Intercom certified for FAR 135 and/or 121 operations?

As the Avcomm AC-2EX Intercom is a portable unit that is not PMA'd or TSO'd, this would not be approved for FAR 135 or 121 use.

Q: Can you connect it to a GO_PRO video camera to record audio from intercom, radio, and cell phone?

With use of cable 11-11565 you can connect your Go-Pro inline with your headset. This will record all audio from your headset to your Go-Pro device. If your cell phone is connected to your headset you will record that as well. You can use this configuration with any intercom or com unit.

Q: Does the Avcomm AV-2EX include a power cable? If so, which one is included (Avcomm hardwired vs aux power cable)?

A cigarette charger is included with purchase.

Q: Is the 11-02265 expansion module same as AVCOMM AC-2XM EXPANSION MODULE for the AC-2EX?

Yes, it is.

Q: How long is the panel connector cable?

60" in length.

Q: Can I connect this intercom to icom A24? If can, do i need a converter?

Yes this can be used with a portable radio, however you will need a headset adapter (Part# 11-18537).

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