Becker Gk615-10 Portable VHF Station

Part# 11-12320
MFR Model# 0940.432 923


The carrying case contains the battery, speaker, antenna socket, the 5 way DIN socket for the micro- phone or microphone speaker and the voltage converter. A microphone, a headset or a helmet (ultra- light) can be connected to the 5-way DIN socket. The built-in battery is a maintenance-free recharge- able 12 V / 2 Ah dry lead acid battery. The transmitter power is approximately 5 to 7 W.

The battery can be charged via the socket ext. D.C. The charging voltage can be varied between 10 V and 32 V. The charging time for a heavily discharged battery is approximately 8 hours. The nominal operating time for the portable VHF station is approximately 6 hours at a keying ratio of 1:10 normal ra- dio traffic) and transmitter output power of 5 W. Reception is then still guaranteed for a further 2 hours.

The transceiver contains a monitoring stage for the battery voltage which is activated when the unit is switched on. “LOW BATT” is indicated ( Appearance about every 5 seconds) if the supply voltage of the transceiver is below the threshold defined in the installation setup. The transceiver is still operable. Depending on supply voltage transceiver may have a reduced performance. Below 10 V speaker out- put is switched off.

The portable VHF station is ready for operation after the antenna is screwed in place and microphone plugged in.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Frequency Range: 118.000 MHz to 136.990 MHz
  • Channel Spacing: 8.33 or 25 kHz
  • Channel Selection: 8.33 or 25 kHz (selectable)
  • RF-Output Power: > 6 W (carrier power)
  • Receiver Sensitivity: > 12 dB sinad for 2 uV



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