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Part# 11-03762
MFR Model# C-40S


The C-40 headset blocks out cabin noise & provides crisp, clear communications. It features a high-performance electret microphone for superior sensitivity. The padded head- band adjusts to fit all head sizes comfortably. 'No-Head- Squeeze ear seals are made of soft polyurethane to minimize pressure, reduce noise and provide a comfortable fit. The extremely efficient receivers are wired in parallel for greater reliability. The headset comes with PJ-068 and PJ-055B plugs and is furnished in handsome military gray color. Weight: 12.3 oz. 3-year warranty.

Note: Mic Muff is included with C-40 Headsets.

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I’ve used Softcomm headsets for many years. The C40 model seemed to fill my needs nicely. The last ones of the C40 model I purchased 8 years ago were of a higher quality. The materials feel cheaper than the previous model. There were no ear cup covers with the new model. The sound quality was as good as the previous models.

Robert H
February 20, 2021


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Q: Does the Softcomm c-40 headset come with a mic muff?

Yes, the Softcom C-40 headset includes a mic muff.

Q: Does the Softcomm C-40 headset come with a case or bag?

No, there is no bag included. We recommend either the ASA headset bag, part # 13-02333, or the generic headset bag, part # 13-06936.

Q: Are they for general aviation, that is will they be able to work on a Val Com radio?

This headset is designed to work in aircraft equipped with dual GA plug jacks. If your aircraft has dual GA jacks, then this headset will work with your radio.

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