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Part# 11-05262
MFR Model# E-04.5



Note: Battery not included. It requires one Duracell battery PX-28L.
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Good to have a supplier of cheaply made expensive parts. If mount screws were better made, damage requiring replacement wouldnt be needed

Gwen W
February 21, 2019

Works fine. Battery is easily available at any large hardware store, or via Amazon. Battery is 2CR 1/3N 6V. A two pack is six bucks on Amazon, free shipping if you are prime. The gadget AND the battery is probably one of the least expensive things in aviation! Comes with horizontal and vertical faceplates.

March 14, 2018

Remote control battery can be obtained at Walgreens as Radio Shack is defunct.

December 19, 2017

Did not come with required battery and was not clearly labeled to state that.

June 15, 2019

Would not work with my 121.5 elt even after waiting a week for that special battery.

Mitchell J
May 26, 2018

The LED light burns out about every two years . Talked to company about this and the more we talked the more broken english he spoke . He could help me ! Fact ! Tom

November 15, 2017

Walgreens no longer carries the battery for this.

January 2, 2018


Q: What battery part number does the ACK E-01 remote switch take?

It is a single Duracell PX28L 6V lithium battery.

Q: does the ACK E-01 remote switch come with the cable?

The ACK E-01 remote switch does not come with the cable. The cable is included in the box when purchasing the E-04 ELT.

Q: How does one remove and replace the Remote Switch Duracell PX28L battery for the Ack E-01 Remote Switch?

To replace the battery, you need to remove the remote switch from behind the panel and undo three screws from the unit.

Q: What is the opening size in the panel needed to accept the ACK E-01 remote switch?

The remote switch has a panel cutout size of 1.5" X .62".

Q: Does the ACK E-01 remote switch work with the AK 450 ELT?

No, the remote switch is not cross compatible.

Q: Does the ACK E-01 remote switch come with a battery included?

No, this unit does not come with a battery but you can get one at a local Radio Shack. It is a Duracell battery PX-28L.

Q: Is the E-04.5 remote the same as the E-04?

The e-04.5 is the remote switch used in conjunction with the e-04 elt.

Q: Is this product exactly the same as the E-04.5 that comes with the E-04 ELT? If not, does it have the same dimensions?

Yes, this is the ACK model # E-04.5. It is the same one that comes in the box.

Q: Does the ACK remote switch work with Ameriking AK-451 ELT?

No, this is meant for the ACK Elts only.

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