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Part# 2600-SW-2
MFR Model# 2600-SW2


Retaining washers are required for studs of -5 length or greater. Use split washer 2600- SW2 where it is desirable to have the stud fall away for minimum internal projection. Use internal tooth washer 2600-LW where it is desirable to retain the stud assembly rigidly.


Spruce is dependable, helpful, and quick. These parts are exactly right. I have come to expect no less than perfect service from Spruce, and they have NEVER provided any less.

Rob H
January 1, 2021

Arrived on time and worked just fine for my application.

December 17, 2020

5 star due to correct part, correct number and excellent timeliness. Well done!

Terry M
May 16, 2020

great service !

Don C
February 6, 2020

Does exactly what it says, holds your camloc in place. I use the tooth washer to keep my camlocs rigidly in place. Having the camloc retaining ring tool (2600-LW Lockwasher Tool), makes installing them a snap!

Layne L
May 1, 2017

very difficult to work with. they need some kind of tool to facilitate installation shipping was prompt. shipping charges are inflated too much for such a small package. Purchase price is also high.

Russell S
July 7, 2019


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Q: We're using the 2600-SW-2 retaining washer. Is there an installation tool for this?

No tool is available. A pair of needle nose pliers is commonly used to install these retainer washers on "T" end of the stud.

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