Flight Data Systems Ap-60 Audio Mixer

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Part# 10-03427
MFR Model# AP-60


Flight Data Systems - AP-60 Audio Mixer
Why Spend $1000+ and Precious Panel Space on an Audio Panel when all you need is an AP-60? An Audio Mixer is Required any time there is more than one Audio Source. This unit mixes and amplifies six audio inputs. Mounts behind the instrument panel. Mixes and and Amplifies Six Audio Inputs.

    For Example:
  • Communications Radio Audio
  • Navigation Radio Audio
  • EFIS Warning Audio
  • Music Player Audio
  • Traffic Warning Audio
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Mounts Behind the Instrument Panel
  • Aux. Audio Input
  • Compact (2.5" X 3.4 X .6"), Lightweight (2.1 oz) Mounts Easily
  • 12-28 Volt Compatible
  • No Special Tools Required For Installation
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Excellent service as always and product performed as advertised and expected.

Arthur G
December 15, 2019

I have fitted one of these - works really well. Small, simple, economical, reliable. Recomended

Roddy K
October 13, 2014


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Q: Do you know what the max output is for this Flight Data Systems AP-60 Audio Mixer is? Is there any other technical info available?

Yes, we have added a technical and installation sheet from the manufacturer to the "Documents" tab of this web page. Please review it for all technical information we have available.

Q: Can the AP-60 audio mixer be used in certificated aircraft?

No, the AP-60 audio mixer is not FAA approved for use in certified aircraft.

Q: Does the AP-60 support stereo audio inputs and output, or just mono?

Only mono audio is supported.

Q: If the AP-60 fails, does it pass audio thru or will you lose all audio that would normally pass thru it?

In the event of a failure, you would lose the audio that normally passes through.

Q: What is PN for the connector that matches up to the Mixer

P/N 11-11878 can be used.

Q: Does this AP-60 device provide a way to adjust volume outputs for alert inputs?

Per the manufacturer, All AP-60 channels are identical and are set at a fixed level. Input levels should be adjusted via the volume control on each input device.

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