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Garmin Glareshield GPS Antenna For GI 275 / G5

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Part# 11-17868
MFR Model# 010-12444-10


Garmin GI 275 GPS Antenna. The GPS antenna provides a GPS source for the GI 275 for navigation in VFR conditions in class I and II aircraft when no external GPS source is present. In class III and IV aircraft, the GPS antenna provides a backup GPS source in the event of a primary navigator failure. Additionally, the backup GPS source can be used for AHRS alignment and stability.

The GPS uses a 96-inch (8-foot) length of RG-316 cable and typically mounts on the glareshield. It is outfitted with a BNC connector as well.
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Another great Garmin product at a fair price through Spruce! Potential buyers beware: the p/n ending as -00 requires a TNC/BNC adapter but this p/n ending with -10 does a few bucks! Thanks Jim!

Aloft A Verified Purchase

GARMIN GI 275 GPS ANTENNA 010-124444-10

April 8, 2022

Works just as advertised. Great reception. I placed it on top of the instrument panel.

Richard P Verified Purchase

GARMIN GI 275 GPS ANTENNA 010-124444-10

September 3, 2021


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Q: Is there a way to shorten the 8ft cable? Or can another antenna with BNC connector can be used to interface the GI-275 in experimental VFR use - that would allow to fabricate a custom lenght antenna cable?

You cannot shorten this cable, however there is no issue with stowing the extra slack.

Q: Can this antenna be used with Garmin G5

Yes, this is for a FAA/PMA approved G5

Q: Is this the best option for a G3X internal GPS antenna?

Part # 11-09701 or the GA35 WAAS GPS antenna.

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