Garmin aera 500 Series Power Data Cable

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Part# 11-08088
MFR Model# 010-11385-03


Expand the communication possibilities of your aera™ using our aviation mount with connected power cable. Connect the bare wires to a panel mount product to transfer data, such as a flight plans, to your aera; conversely, you can connect to a panel-mounted radio to transfer data from your aera to the radio. You can even connect to a transponder to display air traffic data on your aera. Simply attach the aviation mount to the yoke mount using the included mounting hardware.

For use with Garmin Aera 500, 510, 550, and 560.
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Connects to Aera 510

Savage F
March 10, 2021

good quality cable... with good service...

Hasan E
June 29, 2017

The product arrived on time and as expected. Ironically I ordered this for use on my motorcycle since the Zumo 660 base is no longer available. That version has mini jacks instead of flying leads but I can still make this work. Only complaint is they did not include locknuts for the mounting screws. The screws have a dab of lock tire on them for threaded holes in the panel.

Rick K
August 19, 2017


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Q: Do I need this to interface the Aera 510 to a GTR-200? I want to be able to listen to the XM music that the 510 can provide through the GTR-200 to headset.

Per Garmin, you can use the Aera Power Data Cable to wire the Aera 510 to the GTR-200 but bear in mind that while the Aera 510 outputs stereo audio, the GTR-200 can only have mono audio wired into it.

Q: Do I need this to connect to aircraft power and to my Tru Trak EFIS/autopilot? (one data wire)

To correctly connect the Aera 500, you would need to connect both power and ground as well as the data lines to the TruTrak.

Q: Can I connect Aera 500 to Garrecht VT-01 with this to receive ADS-B data from Aera 500

The Aera 500, part number 11-08044 does not transmit data to the transponder. The Aera 500 only receives TIS traffic information from the transponder.

Q: Can Garmin Aera 500 Series power data cable be hard wired into a 24 volt system? (that is, without dropping the voltage to 12 volts?)

You would need to use a step down converter such as PN:11-03309.

Q: Can the Aera 560 send Nav data to a Dynon D180?

Per Dynon: Yes, Nav data can be sent from Aera devices and received to the D180.

Q: Will this cable connect to a GDL-39?

No, to connect the Aera 500 series to a GDL 39 or GDL 39 3D, you will need part # 11-10734.

Q: Can I use this product to charge and have GPS reception at the same time?

Yes, this product will use the aircraft power to charge the unit while in flight. The Garmin Aera 500 series has an internal GPS receiver so using this cable will not affect the GPS signal.

Q: I can see the fused bare power wires, but I cant identify what the other connector is. Is it a female serial port connector?

The connector is for the XM antenna. So if the Aera you have has XM capabilities that is where you can connect it.

Q: I have a Garmin aera 500, I need a patch cord to connect to my J.P. Instruments Fuel Scan FS 450, which one would I need?

This would be the correct cord for this patch.

Q: How do I interface the Aera 660 with my GDL 50? Does bluetooth work or do I need a wired connection?

For the Aera 660, you can use a Bluetooth connection, or if you prefer hardwire, you would need part # 10-06029. Most common connection is through Bluetooth.

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