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Part# 11-17600


The ClearView Mount is universal because of the following features:
  • 1. Securely holds any size iPad using the provided L clips.
  • 2. Allows use of the iPad with folios or cases
  • 3. Mounts on the yoke of virtually all piston aircraft using supplied components
  • 4. Allows adjustment of the iPad to optimize your sight line to the panel and iPad. Degrees of freedom include tilt fore/aft and left right, rotate 360 degrees, set height, and set lateral position left/right.
The mount is delivered completely assembled and can be installed in less than a minute. Three spacers are supplied to allow the height of the main bracket to clear the yoke pad of various aircraft. The yoke clamp is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and will accommodate up to a 1.6” diameter yoke tube

The height adjustment is used to place the iPad in the optimum position for viewing the panel and the iPad’s screen. In addition, the iPad can be rotated 180 degrees to temporarily set it higher during cruise flight when full access to the panel may not be needed. A quick 180 degree flip restores the normal sight line.

The iPad is placed into the holder by positioning the bottom of the iPad into the lower L brackets and pressing down to extend the spring loaded mechanism. Then rotate the tablet beneath the upper L brackets. Removal is equally simple and quick.


  • All the required hardware to support different yoke geometries is included.
  • High customer satisfaction is assured due to the high level of adjustability to achieve the perfect sight line.
  • This mount allows adjustments in height, tilt angle (2 axis), landscape/portrait orientation, and left/right position.
  • The tilting and rotation do not require loosening any clamps. T
  • he result is that a position can be found for any tablet that provides the pilot a clear view of the screen, while maintaining a clear view of the whole panel.
  • The universal tablet holder allows the use of protective cases and folios while retaining the ability to quickly extract the tablet.
  • The entire mount comes pre-assembled and may require some simple adjustments to accommodate a specific yoke configuration.
  • And the iPad II pencil can be charged on the 11" Pro model while in the holder.
  • The holder exposes 70% of the iPad's rear surface allowing native convection cooling.


  • Yoke diameters up to 1.6" are supported by the aluminum clamp.


  • This design has been successfully installed in a wide variety of Beech, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, and Commander aircraft from singles to high performance twins.
  • Only the included installation kit was needed to accommodate all the models tested.
  • In all cases, the tablet could be positioned for easy viewing without blocking anything on the panel.
  • All testing was done with both iPad mini's and the larger 11" Pro versions.
  • iPads with various protective folios and cases were also tested to assure compatibility.

In The Box

  • 1 - Mount
  • 1 - Installation Kit
  • 1 - Clips (accommodate all sizes of iPads & other tablets)
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