Adventure Pilot Ifly External GPS Antenna

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Part# 11-09495
MFR Model# 02-004


External antenna for the iFly 700 GPS. The iFly 700 includes a very sensitive internal antenna. However different aircraft and cockpit locations can have different results; if you are experiencing trouble getting or keeping a GPS lock, this should solve that problem.

(Note: the product photo does not reflect this, but this antenna includes an MCX adapter designed to work with the iFly)


  • Antenna Type Active
  • Weight 4 oz
  • Cord Length 16'
  • Connector MCX
  • Antenna Size 1.85" X 1.65" .45"
  • Operating Voltage 2.5~5.0V
  • Antenna Element Gain 5.0dBi typ. / R.H.C.P
  • Noise Figure 1.5dBi typ.
  • VSWR 2.0: 1Max.
  • LNA Gain 27dB typ



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Q: Does the iFly GPS external antenna come with a CofC or DDP?

This antenna is specifically designed for the iFly GPS and is not certified so does not come with a CofC or DDP.

Q: Does this antenna work with the 720 and 520?

No, this antenna is for the iFly 700 series, please see part number 11-12036 for the iFly 520.

Q: Do you carry the antenna that works with the iFly 720?

Yes, this antenna (part # 11-09495) works with the iFly 720.

Q: Does this antenna work on a GDL 50?

No it will not. The unit has an internal GPS antenna. However, if you require an additional antenna, please view 11-00052.

Q: Do you have an external GPS antenna for Levil 3 aw?

When you purchase the Levil 3 it includes an antenna, however to purchase the antenna, it will be a special order item.