Lynx Micro System Audio / Telephone Adapter

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Part# 11-05369
MFR Model# M065


The Audio Adapter allows up to three separate audio devices to be connected to a Lynx Micro System headset.

The adapter can be used with a Lynx Bluetooth Adapter, Audio Input/Output Leads. Audio Output Leads or Mobile Telephone Leads. The leads may be used in any combination.

When used with the appropriate lead, the adapter allows the connection of mobile telephones, music players and sound and video recording equipment.

For connection to recording devices. the adapter provides output at ‘Microphone Level‘ (with Audio lnput/Output Lead) or ‘Line Level‘ (with Audio Output Lead).

Line level output is at a much higher level than microphone level output. Most domestic recording devices accept an audio input at microphone level. Most professional recording devices will only work with an audio input at line level. All of the sound that can be heard in the headset can be recorded using this method.

The adapter is particularly useful for adding audio devices to an existing system or to increase the number of audio connections in general.

The adapter is backwards compatible with all Lynx Micro System products.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.




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