MGL Avionics Ibox Hub

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Part# 11-10826


The iBox is the heart of the iEFIS system, and the conductor in the symphony of communication between all system devices and the iEFIS screens. The iBox contains the GPS engine (with antenna connection), the pitot/static sensors and Angle of Attack sensors. The iBox is the hub of communication for all the system devices (AHRS, RDAC, Autopilot Servos) and is also the hub of communication with all third party devices (radios, transponders, ADS-B, VP-X) via its RS-232 and ARINC interfaces.

One iBox is necessary in every iEFIS system, and in cases where maximum redundancy is required, a 2nd iBox can be added to the system. The 2nd iBox acts as a ‘hot standby’ and is ready to take over all iBox tasks automatically when necessary, or on command by the pilot.
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In The Box

  • The Power Connector
    (pigtail harness included with every iBox):
    The iBox can be powered by 1 or 2 Power Sources (as in the case of a backup battery system). It also has a Keep Alive Power input that maintains date and time and some non-volatile memory items without using the CR2032 battery, which can result in up to 10 years of life on the CR2032 eliminating the need to change this battery every year. The Outside Air Temp sensor also connects to the Power connector.
  • The CAN Connector (pigtail harness included with every iBox):
    The iBox features 2 CAN buses (CAN 1 and CAN 2). The system devices can be split up in any way on each of the CAN buses.
  • OAT Probe
    Aluminum OAT probe is included with every iBox
  • GPS Antenna
    GPS Antenna is included with every iBox (inside mount)
  • EFIS LAN coax
    An RG-174 EFIS LAN coax cable is included with each system
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