Commercial Aviation Safety Fifth Edition

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Part# 13-13071
MFR Model# 9780071763059


A Complete, Fully Updated Guide to COMMERCIAL AVIATION SAFETY Presenting the latest procedures and standards from U.S. and international air traffic and regulatory agencies, this extensively revised resource covers the entire commercial aviation safety system--from human factors to accident investigation. The introduction of Safety Management Systems (SMS) principles by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is discussed in detail. Commercial Aviation Safety, Fifth Edition delivers authoritative information on today's security concerns on the ground and in the air, changes in systems and regulations, new maintenance and flight technologies, and recent accident statistics. This is the most comprehensive, current, and systematic reference on the principles and practices of commercial aviation safety and security. COVERAGE INCLUDES:
  • Regulatory information on ICAO, FAA, EPA, TSA, and OSHA
  • NTSB and ICAO accident investigation processes
  • Recording and reporting of safety data
  • U.S. and international aviation accident statistics
  • Accident causation models
  • The Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)
  • Aircraft and air traffic control technologies and safety systems
  • Airport safety, including runway incursions
  • Aviation security, including the 9-11 Commission recommendations
  • International and U.S. Airline Safety Management Systems
  • Aviation Safety Management Systems

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. The Regulatory Framework
  • Chapter 2. Regulatory Organization and Rulemaking
  • Chapter 3. The National Transportation Safety Board
  • Chapter 4. Recording and Reporting of Safety Data
  • Chapter 5. Review of Safety Statistics
  • Chapter 6. Accident Causation Models
  • Chapter 7. Human Factors in Aviation Safety
  • Chapter 8. Air Traffic Safety Systems
  • Chapter 9. Aircraft Safety Systems
  • Chapter 10. Airport Safety
  • Chapter 11. Aviation Security
  • Chapter 12. Airline Safety
  • Chapter 13. Aviation Safety Management Systems
  • Index



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