Of Wings & Things By Peter Bowers

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Peter Bowers is a foremost aviation historian and author. His byline has appeared hundreds of times as Peter Bowers has written numerous books, articles, columns, and stories for a variety of aviation periodicals over the last 70 years! In the process, Bowers has acquired one of the world's largest private collections of airplane photos and reference data. Authors and publishers worldwide draw from his research files. This particular book is a potpourri of Bowers' writings, as his aviation historical columns have appeared in General Aviation News over past years.

THIS BOOK INCLUDES 181 HISTORICAL AVIATION STORIES AND 650+ PHOTOS. Stories are about the following aircraft manufacturers and/or particular models: Aeronca, Albatros, Alon, Antoinette, Armstrong-Whitworth, Arrow, Beck, Beardmore, Bee, Beech, Bell, Besson, Bleriot, Blohm & Voss, Boeing, Bordelaise, Bowers, Bowlus, Brandenburg, Breese, Bucker, Bullock-Curtiss, Burnelli, Canadian Aeroplanes, C.A.N.T., Caproni, Chase, Champion, Columbia, Consolidated (Convair), Cox Klemin, Cunliffe-Owen, Curtiss, Curtiss-Wright, Cycloplane, Darmstadt, deHavilland, Dornier, Douglas, Elias, Euler, Fairchild, Farman, Fiesler, Flying Boats, Focke-Wulf, Fokker, Frankfort, Goppingen, Gotha, Great Lakes, Grumman, Hall, Heinkel, Henschel, Homebuilts, Horton, Hughes, Junkers, Keystone, Kondor, Kreider-Reisner, Krilov, LaBourdette-Halbron, Lejeune, Levasseur, Seaplanes, Sellers, Seversky, Siemens, Sikorsky, Sopwith, Spad, Sperry, Stampe, Standard, Stearman, Stearman-Hammond, Stinson, Stits, Taylorcraft, Thomas-Moore, Thunderbird, Transports, Travel Air, Vega, Vickers, Voisin, Vought, Vultee, Waco, Wagner, Wright-Bellanca (WB-2), Wright Brothers, Zeppelin and much more!
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