Low Power Laminar Aircraft Design

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Aerodynamics of light aircraft of 40 HP or less
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Alex Strojnik Criticized Slovenia Academia during the Soviet Era. He got the boot and ended up at Cornell University and then then became a full Professorship at Arizona State. But read the Wikipedia article on him. I purchased this book to better understand some of the aerodynamics of my paramotor. The book covers low horsepower and low speeds. Alex Strojnik is an excellent writer. This is not a dry academic work. He pulls plenty of examples of other lightweight aircraft into discussions. Those discussions and comparisons are fun to read. He uses lots of math throughout the book but his equations and variables are clearly defined. I would say this is at the level of a high school physics book (At least from 1974). Easy to read and clear but definitely not dumbed down. This is going into my before bedtime reading since it is so well written as opposed to some theoretical academic tome which this could have been. For the purpose of this review I only read Chapter 1 , Where to Put the Engine, other parts of Chapter 1 and various random parts throughout the book. I came here today to purchase his other books and tried to do this brief review. I did purchase this book with my own hard earned money.

John H
February 1, 2020


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