Composiclean Micro-Fiber Cloth - 3 Pack

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Part# 13-05259


MicroFiber is a man-made product that consists of two fibers, Polyester and Polymide. The Polyester is the scrubbing and cleaning fiber, while the Polymide is the absorbing and quick drying fiber. Each square inch in a MicroFiber towel contains approximately 90,000 MicroFibers. MicroFiber is a lint free, non-abrasive, and hypoallergenic products. Unlike ordinary cotton towels that move, or push, the dirt and dust from one point to another, MicroFiber actually gets underneath the dirt and lifts it from the surface. It then stores the dirt particles in the towel until it is washed. MicroFiber is very absorbent and can hold up to seven times its weight in moisture providing "streak-free" cleaning. MicroFiber cloths are safe on all surfaces.

Keep MicroFiber cloths clean and separate from cotton towels. To ensure the effectiveness of your MicroFiber Towels only wash with other MicroFiber Towels. If MicroFiber is washed with cotton is will grab onto the cotton fibers and hold on to them. Washing by hand with mild hand soap is the best way to maintain this high quality cloth. MicroFiber cloths along with Composiclean™ Super Spray-Wax™ will provide a great streak free deep shine even in direct sun. When buffing off Super Spray-Wax™, it is best to NOT let cloth get to saturated, dryer is better. Try a MicroFiber cloth with Composiclean™ View Polish™ for streak-free window cleaning.

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Q: How many come with this?

This is priced and sold as a 3 pack.

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