Aircraft Boot Anti-Icer 100

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Part# 09-04484


Daviesí Aircraft Boot Anti-Icer 100 will provide a silicone-based film, which will prevent ice from adhering to aircraft wing boots. Prior to application, the surface should be cleaned well with soap and water, followed by complete rinsing with water. If necessary, Isopropyl alcohol can be used for removing any residual soil, followed with additional soap & water, and water rinse. Make sure that surface is completely clean and dry before applying Daviesí Aircraft Boot Anti-Icer 100. The product is easy and economical to apply by wiping on with a cloth or tramp pad. A consistent single layer can be applied with a back and forth motion along the length of the boot. It is highly recommended that the Daviesí Aircraft Boot Anti-Icer 100 be reapplied after a maximum of 50 flight hours.


  • Forms ice-resistant film
  • Easy to apply
  • Economical to use
  • Single application provides many flight hours of protection



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Q: M:y Lancair doesnt have boots. Can this product be applied directly onto the leading edges to mitigate ice accretion during inadvertent icing encounter? Will it harm paint?

The manufacturer has never tested this on paint directly. They think it could work since its a silicone but they recommend testing on a small unseen area.