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Fiberlite Instrument Lighting System

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FiberLite Instrument Package -without dimmer
FiberLite Instrument Package with PWM dimmer
with built in circuit-breaking off switch
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ATTENTION: Max order of bezels is 8 (MIX OR MATCH).
See Spruce PN: 11-04000, 11-04002, 11-04003 in the
"Accessories" tab for additional Bezels.

FiberLites, by Superior Panel Technology, offer an innovative instrument lighting system that uses fiber optics to evenly illuminate aircraft instruments with easily accessible, long lasting, LED light sources.

Select up to 8 of any Bezel combination of 3-1/8”, **3-1/8” with cut-out (DG,VSI,ALT) and 2-1/4” instruments light bezels.
**The FL318CO has a cut-out in one corner. Use this for directional gyros, altimeters, vertical speed indicators and other Instruments with corner knobs. Use the standard FL318 for the attitude indicator.

    Fiber-optics are affixed to specially designed bezels that are sandwiched between the instrument and the panel for appearance of an internally lighted instrument. There are 5 advantages of using FiberLites over other lighting devices...
  • 1. Easier wiring. A FiberLite package includes 3 LEDs and each LED can illuminate 1-5 instrument bezels.
  • 2. The LEDs are very long lasting, however, if they ever do need to be replaced, they are easily replaced without having to remove any instruments.
  • 3. FiberLites provide even 360 degree lighting around the instrument.
  • 4. The instrument is not altered in any way.
  • 5. FiberLites can be used to backlite placards
    (see FiberLite back lighting kits #11-08561 and 11-08562).
The FiberLite package includes 3 LEDs which can light up 12 instruments. The FiberLite Instrument Light Bezels are FAA approved for certified aircraft. Look in the document section for the Approved Make and Model List. If your aircraft is not on the list then you would need a 337. You can request copies of approved 337s by contacting the manufacturer at:
You will also find a copy of the approved STC and the installation instructions in the document section.

The Superior Panel Technology’s Pulse-Width Modulation Dimmer is recommended for dimming the FiberLite LEDs. The dimmer is discounted when purchased as part of the FiberLite package.

Another great complement to this product is the BattPack battery backup system
P/N 11-06595 (14V) and 11-06596 (28V) which allows up to 1 hour of instrument lighting in the event of an electrical failure.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Each box has a 27" fiber optic tail


It is rare that I find a product so good that I actually review it online. I purchased a full set of these at a function last year. Installed them in a Beechcraft Musketeer that I just updated for IFR/ADS-B. They turned out so well, my hangar neighbor bought a set through Aircraft Spruce and installed them in his Cessna 172. Their look and function is simply Amazing. I bought the 2 circuit solid state dimmer upgrade and you can achieve the Perfect level of desired brightness from very dim to very bright! Equally important is their support. Ken is a wealth of information and he gladly talked to us giving advice, install tips and sharing his experiences and options. Superior Panel deserves this two thumbs up!

Mike D
April 6, 2019

I installed this instrument lighting system into my 172RG and find it works well. Solowings in Tauranga New Zealand did the install with the instructions provided and the feedback was that the installation was done without a problem. The dimmer switch works well. After doing the load testing on the power required the draw was so low the battery backup system was not required. A great addition to the cockpit

Steve G
December 30, 2018

Had fiberlites installed by JPS Aviation in Monroe LA last spring in my 182RG. 100 hours later, still love the outcome. Better than traditional ring lights but significantly less cost. Definitely far superior to the stock post lights. The installer, who hadn’t installed them before, said the support was great. Very happy

December 4, 2018

Great product lit up my panel. However make sure not to try to shorten the fiber-optic cables it will turn into a mess but that was my own fault. I tried both these and Nulite. These were by far better

October 7, 2016

Really disappointed in these. Just redid my M20E panel and these were installed. From my vantage point, because of the extra recess of these rings, the top 1/6 of all my guages are obstructed from the field of view. Id take a refund of the parts and labor if I could. Surely would not buy these again.

Jason M
June 30, 2018


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: I have a mooney aircraft M20J. I want to have your lighting system in my aircraft. Are the approved for installation in certified aircraft?

Per the supplier: “Yes, FiberLites are FAA approved for certified aircraft. Look in the document section for the Approved Make and Model List. If your aircraft is not in the list then you would need a 337. You can request copies of approved 337s by contacting the manufacturer at You will also find a copy of the approved STC, and the installation instructions in the document section”

Q: What are the light source color choices?

White and green are the only available colors.

Q: Do you have an instruction manual that I may review before ordering the lights and may I use my current rheostat switches?

Yes, the instruction manual can be found under the documents tab for this part.

Q: Not sure you fully answered the persons question regarding the dimmer. I am also curious, will the reo/dimmer in my Cessna C150L also dim these or do I need to purchase their dimmer?

The LEDs are dimmable with a solid state dimmer or a PWM dimmer that pulses at the frequencies needed for LEDs. Superior Panel Technology makes a dimmer specifically designed to dim LEDs. This dimmer will provide an even ramping up of light from very faint to full bright without “steps of dimming” as often seen in dimmers not designed specifically for LEDs. This is the recommended dimmer. Rheostats will not dim LEDs properly.

Q: Regarding the Fiberlite Instrument Lighting System: So in 1 package, what is included? Is it 8 bezels and 3 light and fiber optics assemblies?

Each package comes with your selection of 8 bezels, each of which has an attached 27" fiber optic tail, and three LED light sources.

Q: You have a bezel with one cutout. I have a DG with two knobs (HDG and HDG bug). Is there a bezel that will work with this?

See part # 11-00818 for 3-1/8 inch 14v. See part # 11-01352 for 3-1/8 inch 28v.

Q: How many instruments will one light source light?

Up to 8 of any Bezel combination of 3-1/8, **3-1/8 with cut-out (DG,VSI,ALT) and 2-1/4 instruments light bezels.

Q: I have a DG with two knobs (HDG and HDG bug). Is there a bezel that will work with this? The existing answer below links to the NuLite group of products, not Fiberlite.

The bezel can be modified to fit this DG that has 2 knobs. If you cut the black ABS plastic, you can make it fit.

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