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From $54.95 to $56.75
Voltage Description Model No. Part Number Price Buy
14v 2-1/4" No Cutout LW2014 11-03851 $54.95
14v 2-1/4" with Left Cutout LW2014A 11-01257 $54.95
14v 2-1/4" with Right Cutout LW2014B 11-04373 $54.95
14v 3-1/8" No Cutout LW3014 11-02572 $54.95
14v 3-1/8" with Left Cutout LW3014A 11-02673 $54.95
14v 3-1/8" with Right Cutout LW3014B 11-02574 $54.95
14v 3-1/8" with Left + Right Cutout LW3014AB 11-00818 $54.95
14v 3-1/8" for Altimeters LW3014AA 11-02573 $56.75
14v 3-1/8" for VSI LW3014V 11-01099 $54.95
14v 4" Light Bar LB4014 11-02788 $54.95
28v 2-1/4" No Cutout LW2028 11-02571 $54.95
28v 2-1/4" with Left Cutout LW2028A 11-04374 $54.95
28v 2-1/4" with Right Cutout LW2028B 11-04375 $54.95
28v 3-1/8" No Cutout LW3028 11-03852 $54.95
28v 3-1/8" with Left Cutout LW3028A 11-02762 $54.95
28v 3-1/8" with Right Cutout LW3028B 11-03853 $54.95
28v 3-1/8" with Left + Right Cutout LW3028AB 11-01352 $54.95
28v 3-1/8" for Altimeters LW3028AA 11-02851 $54.95
28v 3-1/8" for VSI LW3028V 11-01230 $54.95
28v 4" Light Bar LB4028 11-02789 $54.95
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NULITEs are a revolutionary lighting system for aircraft instruments. They give the same lighting appearance as internal lighting kits at a fraction of the cost. NULITEs have a special bezel that focus light toward the instrument, preventing light from reflecting into the pilot’s eyes. When sandwiched between the instrument and panel, NULITEs reduce glare and “hotspots” by concentrating 60% of the light on the upper half of the instrument.

Will not work with DC to AC inverted systems

No special tools or equipment are required. NULITEs can be installed by anyone in just a few minutes; a simple log book entry is made by any certified pilot or mechanic. NULITEs are wired into any existing dimming system without the need for extra circuits, inverters, or remote boxes.


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I liked how Nulites fit and worked. Aircraft Spruce was great. I did find the lites where good on 1/4 to 1/3 of the instrument. The rest of the instrument was a little too dark. Quite a bit different than the Omni OBS which has the hole dial lit up.

Craig S
August 15, 2018

Why didnt I lose my post lights earlier? Sooo much better. A bit longer installation than I though, but worth it.

John J
August 3, 2018

Fast service as usual

Luis A
June 15, 2018

I purchased the Nulite 4x3/4 inch light bar. Great item. It showers light down over a 6 inch area to light switches, or in my case horizontal unlighted square engine gauges in a Cessna 172. The bar can be trimmed with a rotozip, and I even sanded off some of the painted back to allow light to go in the opposite direction too. I attached to the back of the plastic overlay panel with some RTV silicon. Tied in to existing post light wiring.

George E
March 2, 2018

Great product. Should have bought these earlier. Very easy to install

Chris G
May 12, 2017

Good product, easy to install, fast service by Aircraft Spruce.

Rocket A
March 20, 2017


Q: Do you offer the Nulite Instrument Bezels in 2-14", 28V?

Yes we do. Please see the "Similar Items" tab on this web page for a link to the 28V page. You can also use or search and enter part number 11-02571 and it will bring you directly to the web page.

Q: Can this bezel be mounted on the front of the instrument (front of the panel) instead of between the instrument and panel?

The Nulite was designed to go behind the panel due to its shape and to avoid having the electrical wire exposed. It is not recommended to mount in front of the panel.

Q: How thick are the bezels on the Nulite instrument lighting system? Does it require longer screws to secure the instruments?

The bezels are .200". It is countersunk in the back and actually sits into the panel so it moves the instrument back approximately 1/8 of an inch.

Q: What is the current draw for each 12v light?

maximum of 125 ma. with an average load of around 80 ma

Q: Where would you use the light bar?

These are used around the instruments on the panel to illuminate the display for night time operation.

Q: Why a different one for the VSI? Would you not just use one with a cutout? Must be missing something.

The shape of the VSI is different than the other gauges. Take a look at the photo for part # 10-05363 on our website. You can see that the bottom left corner of the VSI is larger than the other corners. The VSI and the altimeter are the two instruments that have a unique shape.

Q: Are these Nulite rings LED?

No, see part number 11-13932 for LED options.

Q: What is the weight of each Nulite? I just installed 5 and want to document in W&B accordingly. Thank you

Each Nulite weighs approximately 0.04 lbs.

Q: What color are the Nulite Instrument lights?

These lights are white.

Q: My Directional Gyro requires the left/right cutout do to it having a heading bug. The DG has an offset lower left mounting screw, it sets a little higher and to the left. Can the left/right cut out be drilled in that area to accomodate the third mounting screw hole?

Cutting the Nulite system is possible, but the manufacturer warranty is voided when custom modifications are made tot he unit.

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