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Description Part Number Price Buy
#2 (Right Hand - 2 Functions) 11-02000 $132.50
#4 (Right Hand - 4 Functions) 11-02050 $159.75
#2L (Left Hand - 2 Functions) 11-06753 $139.50
#4L (Left Hand - 4 Functions) 11-06754 $169.95
Adapter Bushing 1" 11-06755 $18.65
Adapter Bushing 7/8" 11-06756 $19.85
Adapter Bushing 3/4" 11-06757 $18.65
Subtotal $0.00
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The control stick grips from Flight Grip are modular in design to allow maximum flexibility when specifying switches to control the various electrical items on your aircraft and for ease of installation and assembly. Two “off-the-shelf” configurations are listed below.

The Model #2 grip provides for control of two functions using the rocker trigger switch. The trigger switch features momentary contact either side of center, with spring return to center OFF action.

The Model #4 grip is the same as the Model #2, but adds two push-button switches for thumb activation in the top cap of the grip. The switch mounted closest to the thumb rest is a latching type (push on – push off), and the remaining switch is a momentary type. Left hand grips are available with all the same switch options. Grips are designed to fit 1-1/8” OD control sticks and adapter bushings are available to adapt to 1”, 7/8” and 3/4” OD control sticks.
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This is a nice grip. It is a strong plastic. The unit is solid and well made with good fasteners. I would like to encourage the documentation that comes with the grip be placed on the website.

Jody S
October 2, 2018

I am a croppie and it is the most common grip in Ag aircraft. In fact I am in the process of installing one atm.

June 28, 2018

Im not sure why Garry was disappointed. The Flight Grip is the OEM grip for two factory-built, fully certified, agricultural (hard working) aircraft. The Flight Grip has an excellent record of reliable service. NOTE: This response offered by the owner of Flight Grip, LLC.

Ed C
January 16, 2018

Very cheaply made. It is made like a kids toy. I returned it.

Garry A
June 15, 2017


Q: PN 11-02000: is this Flight Grip FAA approved (TSO/PMA) for GA aircraft?

Yes, these flight grips are STC approved.

Q: What is the depth of the opening in the bottom of the grip? I think you guys call it the bore depth.

The grip requires 2.5 of straight 1.125 OD stick for installation.

Q: How tall is the Model 2 grip?

6-1/4" height.

Q: Does the grip come with shielded wiring?

No wiring is included with part # 11-02000.

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