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Infinity Aerospace designed these grips with safety, comfort, functionality, durability and aesthetics in mind. The ergonomic design is contoured to the shape of your fingers and includes a fatigue reducing hand rest at the base. The non-glare matte black finish is abrasion and impact resistant for long life, yet easily removable, maintainable and repairable. Matching customized Right and Left hand models available. All the major cockpit functions canbe at your finger tips. Reduces pilot workload and fatigue. Thousands have already been installed in over 50 models of aircraft (even a 314 foot custom Yacht and a submarine!) FAA certified in the new Micco and Eagle FAA certified aircraft, field approved in Bell 206, Hughes 500 and Hiller helicopters, Aero Commander 500 A's, Mooney's, Cessna's, Swift's and in blimps. Standard issue in several of today's finer Sport Aircraft Kits.

Possible Switch Functions :
  • Two-Axis Trim Switch: Pitch & Aileron (typical) or Pitch & Rudder (standard in Lancair IV's);
  • OR Step frequencies and/or flip-flop frequencies and/or transponder ident.;
  • OR sweep spotlights, cameras, computer cursors, etc.
  • Red Trigger Switch: Push-To-Talk (PTT); OR 35mm camera, video camera, audio recorder, paint ball or propane machine gun, etc.;
  • ON/OFF Tactical Push-Buttons: Main fuel pump, aux fuel pump, landing light(s), taxi light(s), nav lights, strobe lights, pitot heat, ident., etc.
4 of the switches can be changed to Normally Open (N.O.) or Normally Closed (N.C.) momentary push-button for transponder ident., auto-pilot disconnect or flight management control. Also, a spring loaded-to-center and/or an ON/Center OFF/Momentary ON toggle switch can be installed to operate flaps, speed brake(s), spoilers, cowl flap(s), rudder trim, aileron trim, etc.


  • 6" long with 6 switches
  • Fits stick OD's from 5/8" to 1-1/4"
  • Delivered with color coded pre-wiring and installation schematic
  • Completed grip only weighs approx. 12oz
  • Has matte black cooley hat and grip with red trigger
  • 4 molded in brass inserts hold the halves together
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Excellent stick, beautiful results. My mechanic was able to adapt it with minor efforts to my gyrocopter Magni M16, and it is very satisfactory. :)

Pierre C
February 2, 2018

Well worth the money!

Michael I
October 17, 2017

These are excellent quality. Ive seen other reviews elsewhere that said they are toy like but nothing could be further from the truth. The fit and finish are superb. They are made of a lighter density plastic (likely more advanced) than that a real military B-8 grip. The plastic is finer and smoother than an actual military grip which is why they look somewhat more plastic like in the pics. In real life they dont have that look as far as Im concerned.

Kurt E
March 22, 2017

I installed this grip on my RV8 and is very happy with it. It is comfortable, allow to have HOTAS. The buttons are well loaded so you almost can't switch a device on or off inadvertently. The little bad aspect is the plastic toy look. I would install it again if I had to do another airplane.

Le R
November 8, 2012


Q: Is there a left hand version for these military stiok grips?

Yes, these come in both left and right hand orientation. You can choose which you prefer in the first dropdown box on the page. "Select Version:".

Q: Does this grip come with the 4 buttons, trigger switch, and 4-way trim switch? If so, are they momentary on type?

Per the supplier: Yes, all is included. They are 2 momentary.

Q: can the Hat toggle on the Infinity grip be set up (U/D) to work flaps and the (L/R) to work a separate toggle other than Trim? Thanks

Yes, the switches can be wired fit your specific needs.

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