Ray Allen G101 Stick Grip

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Part# 11-09930
MFR Model# G101


G101 The basic G101 grip features a momentary contact, 50 milliamp, SPST switch on top that can be used as a PTT button. The G101 grip is made of semi-soft UV and oil resistant foam. The upper switch housing is made of nylon with a lightly textured finish and is 4.75” (121 mm) tall.

A SPST switch located on the top of the G101 grip can also be used as a PTT button.

Ray Allen Company modern design stick grips can be wired directly to Ray Allen trim servos. This eliminates the need to wire relays in your trim system. However, if two grips are used, you will need either relays or a switch to transfer the control of trims from one grip to the other. The G1 and G2 series hand grip is made of semi-soft UV and oil resistant foam and the upper switch housing is lightly textured nylon. The G3 series grip is a lightly textured, BASF UV reisistant composite.

All Ray Allen Stick Grips come as a complete kit including pre-cut and stripped 26 gage Teflon™ wires. RAC grips are designed to fit a 1” stick diameter with spacers included for easy installation on 3/4”, 7/8” stick tubes. All RAC grips have insets for labels and come with a customized, die-cut label sheet. The G3 grips also include three different colored faceplates (black, light gray and light tan) to compliment your aircraft’s interior colors.

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Not alot there for 89.00 but pretty easy to install and work properly.

Robert M Verified Purchase


March 17, 2022

looks good

Dennis L Verified Purchase


March 1, 2022

Steven D Verified Purchase


October 19, 2021


Brian P Verified Purchase


July 30, 2021

Works great!

Bill L
December 24, 2020

Excellent grips! Installed in my RV6 with no issues. Used some baseball bat wrap for the stick itself and the whole control stick looks amazing. Would purchase again.

August 13, 2020

This product was easy to install, functional, and feels good in your hand. No more pushing the PTT button into the grip like my old model.

Frank S
December 14, 2019

Excellent product

Morne S
August 25, 2019

Love it .. looks good and fit for my application.

April 22, 2019

Perfect fit for my RV-12. Cooler looking too! The plans call for bicycle grips from your local bike shop but hey, youre spending a lot of money on your new plane, why use cheap bicycle grips? Buy the real thing. Only downside is that it does not have any inset for labels as advertised. No die-cut label sheet included either.

Rafael U
January 29, 2018


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Q: Will the Ray Allen G101 Stick Grip work on a 1 1/8 inch stick in a Great Lakes?

Per the manufacturer, the top of the grip can fit a 1 inch stick but nothing larger. A 1 1/8 grip will not fit.

Q: How far above the top edge of the stick tube does the grip protrude when installed?

The G1 stick grip protrudes 1/2" above the original stick height.

Q: Will this G101 grip work on the single stick like on a Quicksilver Sport 2s?

It does not have aircraft specific applications but it will work with 3/4, 7/8 and 1" sticks.

Q: It has been suggested I use silicon sealant inside the grip, so as to avoid it sticking to the tube. Do you recommend this?

The vendor does not make this recommendation in the instructions or on their website. This can be done but it would be at your discretion and risk.

Q: Will be purchasing in the next couple of months. It needs a set screw to secure the plastic top to the tube and I want drill and tap the hole before i put the sticks in. How far from the top of the tube should it be?

You would have to drill your own hole in the grip itself, there is not one predrilled. The plastic top would slide approx 1/2 into the control stick.

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