Gill 24 Volt Dry Charged Battery Model GE-50C

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FAA-PMA Installations: Model Volts Rate (AMPS) Total Weight Filled Electrolyte
Part No. GE-50C 24 1 hr. (C1) 31
30 min (2C) 55
60 sec/0F (CCA) 325 80 lbs. 8 qts. 11-03808 Application (Aircraft) North Amer. AT6-C/ -D/ -F, T-6G, SNJ-5/ -6/ -7, (or any BC-1A, AT-6, AT6-A/-B,
SNJ -2/ -3/ -4 converted to 24V per N. Amer. Dwg 121-954004.P-51)
Gulfstream Comm. 500, 520, 560, 560A, 560E, 680, 680E, 720
Battery Warranty: The manufacturer will replace with a new battery without charge (except for transportation) any battery which fails in service within 90 days. Addition of any chemical other than water or battery grade sulfuric acid voids this warranty. After expiration of Service Guarantee, adjustment will be made on pro-rate basis based on unused months of service. Batteries that are broken, discharged or fail due to freezing or abuse are not covered.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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