Mid-Continent True Blue DC To AC Static Inverter 250 Watts / 115 V / 60 Hertz

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Part# 11-12858
MFR Model# 6430250-1


The model TI250 series Static Electrical Power Inverter is a lightweight power converter that translates a 20 to 36 VDC input to a 115 VAC output at 60 Hertz and provides 250 watts (VA) of power.

Supplies 250 watts of power to multiple cabin accessories, such as laptops, tablets and cell phones.

    Single engine turbo/piston prop, most small jets.
    (storm scope & boot type)
Highlighted features include short circuit protection, overload capability, low voltage shut-down, temperature monitoring, a self-resettable over-temperature disable, a remote on/off function, and a fault indication output.

The alternating current output is defined as a pure sine wave with less than 2% of total harmonic distortion for clean, noise-free, harmonic-free power to supply nearly any common commercial or consumer load rated for a nominal input of 115VAC. The TI250 series Inverter is FAA certified to TSO C73 and tested to rigorous environmental standards and levels of RTCA DO-160. The small size and light weight in conjunction with its installation flexibility (inside or outside the pressure vessel) make it an ideal choice for aircraft power needs while reducing the challenges associated with other similar products.

The TI250 has the same connector of legacy designs plus ground fault interrupter protection. The rugged extrusion that houses the unit is designed to help dissipate heat and provide mechanical strength against vibration or other possibilities of damage. The TI250 is engineered to run cooler and features a fanless design, which saves energy, reduces weight and allows flexible installation locations. At only 2.2 pounds, it is lighter and smaller than competing inverters. Additionally, the primary stage of the TI250 utilizes current mode control for increased reliability and safety.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Input Voltage:
Rated 28VDC nominal; 20-36VDC certified
Input Current (full load):
9 amps nominal; 13 amps max
Input Current (no load):
150 milliamps
Input Current (ON/OFF = OFF):
50 milliamps
Recommended Circuit Breaker:
15 amps
Output Voltage:
115VAC 3% at 60 Hertz 0.1% (single phase)
Output Power:
250 watts (250 VA at power factor = 1)
Output Waveform:
Pure sine wave
Power Factor:
-0.8 to +0.8
85 90% nominal
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):
Less than 2%

2.2 pounds
(not including connector mate)
6.74 inches long x 5.94 inches wide x 2.02 inches high
Mating Connector (and cable clamp):
MS3106A-18-9S (MCI P/N 9016905-1, -2)
Base mount orientation not critical

Environmental Qualification:
RTCA DO-160G Environmental Category; See Section 5.2
-15,000 feet to +55,000 feet
-55C to +70C (-67F to +158F)



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