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Seal - All 5 Conductor (Shell)

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Part# 11-06586
MFR Model# WHT5C


Seal-All Connectors are an environmentally sealed connection system developed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture and harsh engine compartment fluids and chemicals with unfaltering performance. It consists of mating heat stabilized polyamide housings, male and female "pin and socket" terminals and self-lubricating silicone connector and cable seals. Seal-All connector configurations are available for one to six wires. -40 C to 125 C temperature range. Now you can have the same superior Plug/Connector that is used in vehicle OEM manufacturing.

Note: Shell only.

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I used this connector inside the aircrafts elevator to connect to the an electrical servo motor used to trim the aircraft. I bought the crimp tool and pin extractor too. 1st time I crimped wire and pin, I bungled it badly and the pin fell out. After getting smarter, and crimping the correct area on the pin, the pins snapped in firmly. Yes, this product works well. Buy enough pin kits for the size of wire (i.e. 20-22ga, or 16-18ga). Put the female pins in the male plug and the male pins in the female plug. Yes its confusing but Its good and it works!

Kenneth E
April 7, 2019


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Q: Is this mountable to a bulkhead or rib?

This is not a mountable connector.

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