Carburetor Heat Controls For Cessna 150 / 152 / 177 / 180 - MSC1230-19

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Part# 05-04763
MFR Model# MCS1230-19


Improved Design:
  • Teflon™ lined for reduced vibration wear and longer life
  • Special heavier wire for more fatigue strength and reliability
  • Improved friction mechanism
  • High quality scratch resistant phenol ic knob - Updated square knob meets the latest FAA standards
These now supersede S1230-11, S1230-18, and S1230-19 Cessna part numbers with a series of improved controls with specific eligibility.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Make Series Model Beginning S/N Ending S/N
Cessna 150 150H 15067199 15069308
Cessna 150 150J 15069309 15071128
Cessna 150 150K 15071129 15072003
Cessna 150 150L 15072004 15075781
Cessna 150 150M 15075782 15079405
Cessna 150 A150K A1500001 A1500226
Cessna 150 A150L A1500227 A1500523
Cessna 150 A150M A1500524 A1500734
Cessna 150 F150H F150-0220 F150-0389
Cessna 150 F150J F150-0390 F150-0529
Cessna 150 F150K F15000530 F15000658
Cessna 150 F150L F15000659 F15001143
Cessna 150 F150M F15001144 F15001428
Cessna 150 FA150K FA1500001 FA1500081
Cessna 150 FA150L FA1500082 FA1500120
Cessna 150 FRA150L FRA1500121 FRA1500261
Cessna 150 FRA150M FRA1500262 FRA1500336
Cessna 152 152 15279406 15285939
Cessna 152 A152 A1520735 A1521049
Cessna 152 F152 F15201429 15201952
Cessna 152 FA152 FA1520337 F1520387
Cessna 177 177A 17701165 17701370
Cessna 177 177B 17701371 17702752
Cessna 180 180H 18051876 18052284
Cessna 180 180J 18052285 18052384
Cessna 180 180J 18052385 18052770
Cessna 180 180K 18052771 18053203
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Quality piece

Christopher L Verified Purchase


July 20, 2023

Received quickly. The cable was New and in good condition when received Thanks , Much Appreciated.....

Tom W
November 9, 2020

This a great quality replacement carb heat control. In my opinion its better than the original control.

Joseph E
February 15, 2019


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Q: How long is this carb heat cable MCS1230-19?

This cable is 53 inches end to end.

Q: Can you give a measurement from the end of the threads to the end of the of the housing where the wire comes out?

Approx 47.5"