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Part# 08-05936
MFR Model# REJ38


In the early 1900s, small planes flew with single ignition systems powered by adapted automobile engines using Champion-brand automotive spark plugs. By the 1920s, the company had developed innovative spark plugs designed specifically for the aviation industry.

Champion Aerospace designs and manufactures Champion-brand piston-engine ignition components for both OEM and aftermarket for general aviation aircraft applications. Every spark plug manufactured has built-in design advantages that assure longer life and greater reliability.

A typical spark plug number with symbol explanation

1. Resistor None--No Resistor R--Mil-Spec. Resistor-Erosion protection
2. Barrel Style None -- Unshielded E -- Shielded 5/8"-24 Thread
H -- Shielded 3/4"-20 Thread (All Weather Plug)
3. Mounting Thread -- Reach -- Hex Size B-18mm 13/16" / 2.06cm 7/8" / 2.22cm M--18mm 1/2"/1.27cm 7/8"/2.22cm
L-14mm 1/2"/1.27cm 13/16/2.06cm U18mm 1-1/8"/2.85cm 13/16/2.06cm
J -- 14mm 3/8"/0.95cm 13/16/2.06cm
4. Heat Rating Position Low number--cold High number--hot
5. Electrode Design None-Conventional single E -- Two prong massive
N -- 4 prong massive
W -- Fine wire (Iridium) B --2 prong massive, Tangent to Center
P--Fine wire (Platinum)

* Shielded barrel thread size. Check barrel size - 5/8x24 or 3/4x20 threads before ordering and select proper plug number, See page 236 for Sparkplug Application Table.

** The "Iridium S" sparkplugs replace the Platinum and "W" Iridium types. Increased bore diameter improves scavenging action. Greater clearance volume can accept more combustion deposits. Single Iridium electrode offers greater resistance to lead attack. Easy to clean Easy to gap

Spark plugs are shipped in factory sealed plastic cases. Opened spark plug cases make the spark plugs non-returnable. Please do not open any spark plug until you are sure you have received the correct spark plugs for your application.
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Evrything ok an the right one for Franklin 150

Christian S
January 25, 2021

Quick shipping...great service

November 4, 2018

Product is as advertised. Packaging was excellent. Service quick and easy. Pricing was acceptable.

October 15, 2018

Would rate 5 stars.... except for the price..

Scott M
December 12, 2017

am really looking for REJ38E sparkplugs, but I guess these will due for now

March 26, 2020

Dependable quality one expects from Champion Aviation products but way over priced...perhaps due to oddball size of 14mm, as opposed to more popular 18mm? My VW based engine runs these in the top holes with a Slick magneto. Have to be married to this plug, sans boring & tapping for 18s. Am glad they last a long time! 3 stars because of price...not the plug.

J. J
October 30, 2018


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