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From $339.00 to $614.00
Model Aircraft Application Engine
PN Price Buy
T.A.F-L Cessna 120, Cessna 140, Cessna 150, Luscombes, Taylorcrafts, Cubs Continental C-75- series, C-85- series, C-90- series, O-200- series 08-00631 $339.00
CO-300 Cessna 170, Cessna 172, Maules Continental C-125- series, C-145- series, O-300- series 08-00632 $376.00
C6LC-S Cessna 182, Belanca Vikings, 55 series Barons, C-180 (without floating mounts), C-185 Continental O-470 series, IO-470 series, IO-520 series 08-00633 $445.00
C6LC-L Beech Bonanzas, Beech Debonairs, Cessna 310, Cessna 205, Cessna 206, Cessna 207, Cessna 210, Navion, Meyers, Widgeon, Twin Commander Continental O-470- series, IO-470- series, IO-520- seriess 08-00634 $459.00
C6LC-11/15 Cessna L-19 "Birdog" Continental Motors 0-470-11 and 0-470-15 08-01037 $614.00
C6SC Cessna 175, Cessna 172 Hawk XP, Maules, Cessna 337, Cessna 336, Cessna 0-2, Mooney M20-K, Piper Turbo Arrow III & IV, Piper Seneca II, PA-34-200T Continental GO-300 Series & IO-360 Series 08-01038 $494.00
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Tempest engine mounted oil filter adapters eliminate the need for oil screens and provide increased filtering capabilities for longer engine life. Being engine mounted with no external lines, they reduce mess during oil changes and increase the time between oil changes.


Note: Tempest filters are included with adaptors. Price listed is for one adapter each.
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Takes an AA48108-2 oil filter (not AA48110-2). I really wish Aircraft Spruce had specified this in the description. Ill change this to 5 stars when that is updated.

Josh B
July 8, 2019

Easy to install in an IO 360K, had to remove alternator for filter housing to clear but, expected that. To get to 65 ft lbs, a 2nd pair of hands holding the housing so, it wont spin, was required. Overall, its nice improvement over the originals.

Airworks U
April 21, 2019

A simple solution to my Cessna 150 oil filter need. This is high-quality and easy installation. I took care of it during my annual, and now I look forward to fewer oil changes!

Eric W
January 25, 2019

I hate to be the only non 5 star review to date. I do give the product quality and ease of installation five stars. However, every one should be aware that my unit had machine chips inside the unit. I have pictures of this unit as received right out of the box. It had small drill shaving type material clinging to the internal oil passages of the part that inserts into where the oil screen was. I would post the pictures here if I could. I used solvent and high pressure air and it was clean. To be sure i ran it in my ultrasonic cleaner and double rinsed. Again, good product just be careful!

Neal G
November 14, 2018

Quality parts, easy install. Reasonable price.

July 5, 2018

It is an awesome answer to cleaner oil. I would only suggest better directions. I did not know if it went up or down and if I had to put the spacer for the oil temp. probe back in. The answer is: it points down at an angle for clearance, and yes you have to reinstall the spacer for the oil temp probe. I did not and it leaked 2 quarts in 5 minutes when I fired it up.

Dan M
May 8, 2018

Bought this to replace the original F&M filter (same STC) due to the original having insufficient threads to compress the gaskets properly. If you have the old F&M with the square nut you might want to change to this if you are having leaking problems as it has approximately 3 more threads allowing proper gasket compression at the proper torque.

David D
April 7, 2018

Very easy to install. STC is straightforward and very well written! Installed on my C-85 and was up and running inside 2 hours. Wish I would have done it sooner!

Joe S
December 4, 2017

Great kit - easy installation and everything needed is included! Installed on Continental O-200. Fast shipping from Spruce.

Patrick I
November 5, 2017

I purchased an AirWolf first. Returned same. See my comments on that product under its review. I am much happier with what I received in this package. It easily installed on my airplane. It is fully functional out of the box, simplistic, seems to do what I wanted to do, and was both complete and very well-built. Strongly recommend.

Don W
June 29, 2017


Q: Are these FM engine mounted oil filter adapters FAA STC Approved?

Yes, these are STC'd.

Q: Is the STC paperwork included in the box with the FM engine mounted oil filter adapters or does the paperwork need purchased separately?

The STC paperwork is included in the box with these FM engine mounted oil filter adapters.

Q: Are these adapters made from a casting or billet aluminum?

These are made from a casting.

Q: Is everything I need to install the F&M mounted oil filter adapter included with the kit?

Yes, it will come with the filter, adapter, gasket and instructions.

Q: Do you need to be an IA and file a 337 or can an A&P install on of these F&M engine mounted oil filter adapters?

Per Vendor: An A&P, working under/for an FAA repair station with a designated inspector inspecting his work, can install, complete the 337, and sign off installation of an oil filter adapter if he has the knowledge of how to do so. If working just with his/her A&P license, he/she can complete the 337 as well as installing the adapter, but has to have an IA sign after it is completed.

Q: What other filters can be used with these adaptors or does the STC require the use of Tempest filters? Use part # 08-00631 for example.

The only filters that will fit and work properly with adapter # 08-00631 are the Tempest AA48108-2 or the Champion CH48108-1.

Q: The STC for the Tempest Engine Mounted Oil Filter Adapters is for the engine, not the airframe, right?

Yes, these are STC'd for the engine not the airframe.

Q: Does the adapter screw into the suction or pressure screen opening? Also, I don't see any thread on the adapter in the pictures but I presume that it is there?

Per Tempest: This would mount where the oil cooler would be. This doesn't screw into where the oil screw is.

Q: What oil filter # works with the 08-00634?

The Tempest AA48108-2 filter is used on this unit.

Q: Does the CO-300 have the ability to accommodate the temperature probe that currently installs in the back of the oil screen?

Yes, this has provisions for a temp probe.

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