Lord Engine Mount # J-3608-1

Part# 07-01131
MFR Model# J-3608-1


Please review application guide below to confirm correct part number for your aircraft.

These dynafocal engine suspensions provide proper flexible support to isolate engine vibrations and reduce noise transmission to airframe structure in all aircraft applications. Careful design assures maximum strength to hold the engine under ultimate load and emergency conditions. Suspensions also distribute loads in most desirable patterns, control engine motions, accommodate thermal expansion and manufacturers’ tolerances.

    B121C Pup, 7KCA Champion, 7ACA Champion, 7ECA Citabria, 402 Lancer, Cessna 120-140, C-140A, C-150, C-150A thru L
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Magaero L Verified Purchase


June 1, 2022

Perfect for my 1975 Cessna A150M

May 21, 2022

David P
March 17, 2019

This fits C-150f model and others with Cont 0-200. 8 units are required and this part number is only for the rubber bushing. Bolts and washers not included. For my application I also needed 2 each AN6-54A, 2 each AN6-43A, 4 each AN960-616, and 4 each NAS679A6.

Dusty D
April 14, 2018


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Q: Is P/N 07-01131 (Lord J-3608-1) engine mount for a Cessna 150H with an O-200 TCM engine - a complete engine mount for one position (4 needed/engine) and include the front, back, and center parts of the engine mount? Thank you Tom

No, these are conical mounts sold individually. 8 units required. Any other parts required are sold separately.

Q: What are the dimensions of this mount? (Top and Bottom diameter, Top hole width, Bottom hole width, and height or thickness top to bottom.)

Top dia 1.36", Bottom dia 1.71". Top hole ID .52" bottom hole ID .97". Height over all .95", and .80 without including flange.

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