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ER14-50 Hartzell Plane Power Alternator

+$200 Core Exchange Charge
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Part# 07-01321
MFR Model# ER14-50


12/14 volt, 50 amp, replaces Generators on Small Block Continental Equipped Aircraft All new design is engineered specifically for aviation offers:
  • FAA approved for many certificated aircraft
  • Higher reliability
  • Lighter weight
  • Significantly improved electrical output at low engine RPM's
  • Vastly Improved electrical performance
Included in these STC'D kits is a new Plane Power alternator, Plane Power voltage regulator, hardware, and mounting brackets needed for replacing that old, heavy, low-output generator with a new Plane Power Alternator!
(Twin-engine kits include two of each)
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Core Return Policy

Any unit being returned for core or warranty core credit shall be, as removed from the engine, complete and not disassembled. No core or warranty core credit will be allowed for automotive units. Units that are rusty or cannot be overhauled for any reason will be classified as scrap, having no value. Units which have been weld repaired, as well as units which have been disassembled and then reassembled with old parts, will also be classified as scrap, having no value. A percentage of the core value will be charged for all missing or damaged parts. At no time will the damaged or missing parts charge on any unit exceed the core value of that unit.

1. Core will only be accepted for credit 12 months from date of invoice.
2. Cores returned in excess of cores invoiced will not be accepted.
3. Cores must be of like purchase, a directly superseded unit or replaced unit when installing an STC'd product.
4. Competitive product cores are acceptable returns.
5. Cores must have a legible data tag for part and serial number verification.

Note: Customer will need to provide core for overhaul in the event our supplier does not have cores available to overhaul.

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Installation for E-225. First point: The shaft of the new alternator is 1/2 inch. The shaft of the old 50amp generator is 11/16 inch. So you will need new the nut, gear, sleeve, bushing, retainer and hub for the 1/2 alternator shaft, at a potential cost of nearly $1000. So now this is a $2200 unit but it is worth it. Its such an improvement over the old generator and voltage regulator. These 1/2 parts can be found serviceable on old 35/50amp generators which had 1/2 shafts, maybe for free. Second point: The recommended wiring diagram, which you should use of course, ends up by-passing the original ammeter on early model Bonanzas. So you have to add a supplemental ammeter, another $200 to $500 expense. So now this alternator is a $2500+ unit. It is still worth it. Just be ready with 1/2 parts and a new ammeter

Steven R
January 5, 2023

Ordered the kit so I would have everything I needed and it is missing the volt regulator. Very disappointing.

Wendy F Verified Purchase


December 12, 2022

I purchased this alternator as a replacement to my Jasco . Both Plane & Power as well as Jasco are now produced by Hartzell Engine Technology. The plane and power is actually based on a Japanese automotive alternator. I was told the diodes, brushes, etc are enhanced. Overall I am happy with my purchase. The Installation manual could use some improvement. It is not as clera s one would think, there notes over the two page sheets, and you have to decipher what they are trying to convey. The product support at Hartzell is excellent. I am very pleased by Hartzell product support and appreciate their help. In general comparing the price with other alternatives available, I would recommend this item.

Abbas N Verified Purchase


March 14, 2022

Great product. Lacking or erroneous instructions. Says you can use original light if equipped. Also had to call tech support because unit was overcharging and popping output breaker. They said a direct wire from alternator output to sense on regulator is needed instead of the the jumper from the field terminal it comes with. Other than that, the alternator and regulator are quality items.

William K Verified Purchase


June 29, 2021

Hsppy. With unit.

Ricky L Verified Purchase


June 18, 2021

Bought the kit for the Generator to Alternator Conversion, and it was straight forward, and fairly easy to do. Its great not having to worry about electrical power anymore, especially since we have a Uavonix AV 30 for the Artifical Horizon now., I can turn on the high beams and the alternator will take the load Thanks. only down side its expensive, but what is not in an airplane

April 22, 2021

Night and day change for my j5 Cub. Full voltage at idle with landing taxi lights, nav lights, radio, sooooo happy. Battery staying fully charged. Replaced my Delco Remy generator and so easy. One evening of effort.

William T
August 30, 2019

Put this on A C172 with an O-300. It is a great upgrade!

Brock B
June 13, 2019

Alternator is great but shaft does NOT match up with original and the gear kit was mandatory. This would be nice to know up front to save multiple trips and delays…

Stewart R Verified Purchase


November 19, 2022

easy installation, instructions were a little vague, but it’s so simple it’s easy to figure out, customer support has me wondering though called a couple of times only got answering machine, left a message, phone call not returned. Product is excellent would have been five stars if they returned the call. Be nice if they gave a sample 337 as so many others do

Joseph B Verified Purchase


April 2, 2022


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: What is the normal current draw of the field of the 14-50 alternator?

Per Hartzell, "Field current varies with the amount of load requested by the bus. However, we do recommend a 7.5 amp circuit breaker be installed in the field system at installation."

Q: I am replacing a generator with the ER-50 alternator. Will you accept the generator as the core for the alternator?

Yes, this would be an acceptable core.

Q: How long are the leads on the pre=wired field plug? Thanks

This is 144".

Q: Does ER14-50 kit include the install kit ER14-GR or does that need purchased separately?

That is not included. It is only needed if you dont have the gear assembly or if your gear assembly is unusable.

Q: what is the is the length from the flange face to the end? what is the diameter of the body? Does the unit come with the drive on it?

The gear is not included. It is 5.6 inches from the flange face to the end and it is 4.2 inch in diameter.

Q: Does this unit come as pictured? Your picture shows the gear installed. If the unit does not come with the gear, can you update the picture? Thanks,

This does not come with the gear, you would need to reuse your gear. We will be updating the photo soon.

Q: Can the alternator be clocked in any direction? Does the stub have to remain pointing upward?

The installation instructions do not mention a specific clocking when installing.

Q: The instructions the core must be complete not disassembled. Does this mean I cant keep my gears and parts needed that are not supplied with the unit?

You would keep any of the parts you would need for the installation of the new assembly. They will just not take a core back if it is in pieces.

Q: Will the ER14-50 work with any voltage regulator?

The manufacturer recommends to only use their voltage regulator with their alternators.

Q: What is the approximate physical dimensions and weight of the shipping package? Required for shipping/delivery options to New Zealand. Thanks.

Package size approx 6.5" X 7.75" X 11.375 at 9 lbs.

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