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From $31.75 to $259.95
Description Part No. Price Buy
Oil Seperator for Lycoming (3/4" inlet/outlet) 08-00571 $259.95
Oil Seperator for Cont. (5/8" inlet/outlet) 08-00572 $259.95
Adapter for Lycomings 08-00577 $31.75
Adapter for Continentals 08-00578 $32.50
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RMJ-Aero is now producing oil separators for homebuilders using Continental and Lycoming engines. These separators are designed to remove oil from the engine crankcase breather line providing the builder with a cleaner plane, less oil consumption, and prolonged engine life from maximum cooking, cleaning, & lubrication. Fashioned after Tony Bingelis's proven design, these separators incorporate several enhancements, including O-ring seals for the lid. RMJ-Aero separators are fabricated from aircraft quality materials, TIG welded, and alodyned for corrosion control. They can be firewall or cooling baffle mounted with the cushion clamp provided.

The separators design allows for easy installation in the breather line by the use of hose clamps. Oil from the separator is returned thru tubing to a port in your engine's housing. Should your engine not have an available oil return port, RMJ-Aero can provide a Self Sealing Clamp-On Adapter utilizing your engine's oil filler neck. Installation of this adapter is easy for both flying and aircraft under construction. When clamped in place around the filler neck, the adapter provides a return port for separated oil and an integral seal, which prevents leakage. Installation and maintenance guidelines are included.
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Q: Are part numbers 08-00571 and 08-00577 STC'd for certified aircraft? Particularly, I would be mounting this in a Piper 28-236.

No, these products are not STC'd for use in certifictaed aircraft. They are intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Can you give me external dimensions for the 08-00571 separator? And the shipping weight?

Inlet/Outlet measures to 0.633", Diameter measures to 2.25", Length measures to 6". Shipping weight is 1.5lbs.

Q: What is the OD tubing size of the clamp on Adapter for the Lycoming filler neck, part # 08-00577?

This measures to 1/4".

Q: Does this RMJ AERO oil separator unit require a vacuum pump? Mine was removed when I put in a glass cockpit.

No vacuum pump required. Our separators cannot be used on instrument vacuum systems. They are not capable of removing enough oil in a vacuum system. They do work fine on the engine crankcase vent.

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