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Newton V9-3-P Three Way Duplex Valve

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Part# 05-08366
MFR Model# V9-3-P


SPRL V9-3-P duplex valve with ceramic disc valves for feed and return.

It is tapped 1/4″nps feed and return and will take standard npt fittings and our -6 banjos.

V9-3-P can carry the small selector plate 54mm in diameter or the standard plate @70mm interchangeable with other valves and other types.

V9-3-P is perfect for any low pressure return system.

The SPRL Valves, as designed, have a very nice 'feel' and are logical in use, however, there is a requirement in FAR 23 whereby the fuel valve must be turned from OFF to an ON selection simply by turning it, i.e. it should not have to be lifted up, pushed down etc, and it should also not be possible to turn it from an ON position to OFF without a dent.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Update: during installation of the V9-3-P valve, I realized that the port spacing is too close to allow turning in 90-degree AN822-6D elbows. If straight nipples (or maybe 45 degree elbows) wont work, you must use the optional Newton AN6 banjo fittings (05-06474).

Jeffrey S
February 1, 2023

Very well made valve. Has a nice solid feel, and moves smoothly between settings (the knob sort of rocks up and down into a detent). 1/4 NPS threads in the body, but no fittings are included.

Jeffrey S
December 5, 2022


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Q: I want to install an UL Power 520i. I have 1/2 aluminum fuel lines from my tank and need a 3 place Valve Left/Right/Off. What is the difference between the SPRL3 and SPRL4 Fuel selectors and which one gives the biggest flow to the engine?

The flow rates are the same, but the SPRL3 has 3 positions, Left, right, & off. The SPRL4 has 4 positions left, right, off, and both.

Q: Which exact fittings are included (if any), and if none are included, can you clarify precisely what the threading of each port is, so one can properly order the correct fitting?

All the threads are 1/4 NPS.

Q: What is the difference between the SPRL V3 and SPRL V4 duplex valves?

Per the manufacturer: The V3 has 1/8"NPT threaded return lines, and the V4 has larger 1/4"NPT threaded lines.

Q: What is the thread size for the supply connections?

All the threads are 1/4 NPS and accept -6 nipples (05-06926) or a -6 banjo (05-06474).

Q: Is the SPRL V4-4-P a four way (left, right, both, off) that also controls and shuts off the return line?

Yes, this is correct.

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