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Stainless Steel Firewall Pass Thru Kit

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Part# 12-04762
MFR Model# SA-05


Fires inside the cowling are extremely bad due to the presence of fuel, oil, and a high volume of forced airflow. As a result, engine fires often expand rapidly, and quickly melt grommets and other sealing materials. It is important to have a strong and secure pass thru for wires and cables on the firewall in the event of a fire or accident. This slows down penetration time and helps seal the firewall to increase the pilots time to get the airplane safely on the ground.

The heart of this kit is a one piece metal spun flanged tube, made from .050 thick stainless steel, along with a .050 thick reinforcement plate. (Other flanges on the market are made from .020 thick stainless flat stock, rolled and spot welded together). The flange is the strongest, most indestructible flange on the market. The flange mounts on the inside (crew side) of the firewall, and the reinforcement plate mounts on the forward (engine) side of the firewall capturing the firewall between 2 pieces of .050 thick stainless steel. The flange has a generous radius formed between the flange and tube to prevent chaffing of wires and cables.

This kit is easy to install in your firewall, and comes with everything you need includes hardware, fire sleeve, pyro-tape, stainless steel hose clamps, and clear and concise instructions (with photos) to insure a safe and successful installation. Requires cutting a 1-1/8 hole thru the firewall. The inside diameter of the flange is 1 diameter. Kit includes fire sleeve materials and stainless steel hose clamps to wrap, fill around wires and cables, and secure the penetration thru the firewall.

Most builders will utilize TWO firewall pass thru units one for high current cables (battery, alternator, main buss power) and the second for smaller signal wiring for engine instrumentation and control functions.
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Great kit. High quality. Excellent materials and instructions. Second one I’ve used. 👍🏽 Cp Tucson

Chris P Verified Purchase


February 27, 2022


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Q: What size is the opening of the firewall penetrator?

1-1/8 hole thru the firewall. The inside diameter of the flange is 1 diameter.

Q: What is the bolt pattern sizing?

1-3/8 inch square

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